I married my college sweet heart one year before graduating from nursing school. It's a bit humorous because I never saw myself marrying before graduating. That all changed about a week after meeting my fabulous and supportive husband. I knew he was the one for me. We married two years and one month later. We often wonder why we waited so long!

I had never heard of homeschooling until college. The church we attended while I finished my degree consisted of many homeschool families. I observed first hand the rewards and benefits of homeschooling.

My husband and I felt God's nudge and decided before we even married that if we were blessed with children, I would become a stay at home and homeschool them. We planned from the very beginning that we would live solely on my husband's income and never get used to having mine. So we have homeschooled from the start.

I will confess I waited until my maternity leave was over to turn in my resignation to my nursing manager. I loved my job. I worked full time in a cardiac step-down unit, floated to postpartum, the nursery, renal, and ICU. I knew I could never leave my precious little one that we prayed so hard for, but signing the final paperwork to end my nursing career, for what I knew would be a long season, was hard.

Two years after our precious little girl was born we welcomed our first little boy. I will never forget thinking, "I don't know how to be a mom to a little boy. I don't really like lizards or frogs and wrestling just isn't my thing." It's awesome to see how God has changed me through my children. God has richly blessed our family with two. Nearly two years to the day our first some was born, we welcomed our second.  I think I am a pretty ok boy mom. 

So that's how we are now Homeschooling 3. I wouldn't change my life for anything. I love being with my children. I love learning right along side them. It's FUN. I love that we can pick up and travel when we want to. I love that we can include Jesus in everything we do.

We love to explore God's wonderful creation and to always point our studies to Him. I love reading good books to my little ones. We memorize God's word to "hide it in our hearts" and we like to follow our own interests, too. We are a big mix of mostly Charlotte Mason, a little bit of classical and with a hint of unschooling..

Our hope is to grow the children God has blessed us to raise to love and serve Him with their whole heart.