Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekly Highlights: Lots of Family, Tellus Science Museum (again), Coyotes, and a Major Decluttering

This week was super, super fun! My sister and niece visited for a whole week! It was absolutely awesome having them here plus their cute little hamster Snowflake, snugly little puppy Stormy, and sweet little dog Ellie. We played a lot, learned a lot, and my fabulous sister even helped me clean - a lot! I am not a great organizer. She is. I am thankful she enjoys getting rid of stuff and cleaning up the mess. She kept me on task and helped with ...letting go... We were able to donate many, many things. It felt so good!

Tellus Science Museum

We talked about Tellus so much that my sister and niece (all of us!) decided we just had to take a field trip there. We spent all of Wednesday at the museum. We had a blast showing them around.
Jonathan came home with a Gold Panning Kit (great Christmas gift idea!). He spent hours being a prospector. He chose to not use water in the beginning. He watched the person running the gift shop use the kit dry at the checkout desk and decided he would mimic his method. Jonathan did pretty good, too.

Awana and a surprise!

We went to our first Awana meeting for the year and brought my sister and niece. We have a great Awana program at our church and I was so pleased to share how we run our club with my sister. This will be my third year as a leader. I've served in Cubbies, Sparks and now T&T.

 It was an interesting night for sure since a film crew for a popular A&E show was using the back  of our church parking lot as a staging area. As we were leaving, we saw a handful of people camped out on the side of the road with signs that read, "Autographs Please."

A cute puppy.
Here's a picture of one of our guests, sweet little Stormy.
Arcade Fun
Saturday afternoon we took my sister into the big city to do a little shopping and treated the kids to some fun at Dave and Busters. This place never gets old. I enjoy the racing and skee ball type games, too! We ended the night with a nice dinner with my dad and one of his very good friends.

We got in a lot of science this week. Besides the turtle Ellie the dog found - that spent a night lost in our house...long story. (Thankfully we found him early the next morning and released him unharmed.) Plus, the youngest kids were practicing their coyote howls inside our fenced backyard one afternoon and actually called up a pack of coyotes - a neighbor saw 3 to 4 of them. No one was harmed and apparently the coyotes have since moved on to another hunting area thank goodness. But boy was that ever the topic of conversation for a few days.

We finally got around to making our crystal experiment this week, too. We made a hot water and salt solution and then placed a paper clip tied to a string into the water. Hopefully after a few days of evaporation we will have some good crystal formation!

And our Luna moth caterpillars are getting so close to making their cocoons! Look at how BIG this guy has gotten!

MFW: Creation to the Greeks

We completed all of our history and Bible studies for week 7. We learned all about God's covenant with Abraham, the destruction of Sodom, the birth of Issac, Hagar and Ishmael being sent away, and more about hieroglyphics.

We used all of the MFW history resources, and then I added in The Greenleaf Guide To Old Testament History.  A friend had recommended it  a couple of years ago and I bought it soon after to aid in my own Bible study. It is a great resource for pulling more from the story through questions and the guide even gives a little more background information for some of the passages. This just helps us dig a little bit deeper into the scriptures and is a great narration starter. I plan to continue using this guide through the rest of the year.

We also looked through a book called Hieroglyphs without Mystery. It's an interesting read for sure!

We studied the Greek word tropos which means turning and learned many English derivatives of the word.

The kids completed a few English and reading lessons and then we just enjoyed our family!

This week I am linking with our friends at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday.

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  1. So interesting. I love watching the caterpillar process. Please keep posting it. Also, I am very impressed with the Bible teaching you are doing. I am sure it not only helps the kiddos, but you, too. I wish you all were closer so I could join in on those Bible classes. :) Love you all so much.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great week. I’m glad you chose to take the kids to museums and encouraged them to get involved into educational activities.


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