Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weekly Hightlights: MFW Creation to the Greeks Week 3, Frogs, and Read Alouds

Highlights from Week 3 using using My Father's World : Creation to the Greeks

Rosh Hashanah
We began learning about Rosh Hashanah, the holiday of new beginnings, and the shofar this week.
  • We enjoyed reading and watching all the videos on this site about Rosh Hashanah for kids.We printed out the Rosh Hashanah fact sheet featured and placed it in our history notebooks, too. 
  • We learned more about the shofar and how one is made from this Jewish site for kids
  • And this video of  How to Tashlich (at the bottom) which is taken from Micah 7:19, “God will take us back in love; God will cover up our iniquities, You will hurl all our sins into the depths of the sea.” is something I think would be great to do with the kids.
  • We also read about Rosh Hashanah in the Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays. There was a retelling of a Yiddish story that the kids enjoyed as well as recipes and insightful information regarding the Jewish calendar and New Year.
  • For preschoolers, here is a great resource from Shalom Sesame featuring the shofar. In fact, Shalom Sesame has many videos featuring feast days.

While at the library this week, I found a book about a Jewish Russian girl who was trying to make her way to America with her family in the early 1900's. It was in the for sale bin for only .50. I noticed that it had won numerous literary awards and grabbed it up. I believe Letters from Rifka will be a great addition to our home library and bring further understanding of the harsh treatment Jews have endured throughout history.

We memorized how to draw a rough outline of the Bible Lands using a cute story retold in the MFW: Creation to the Greeks manual. We also memorized the locations of the Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, Sumer and Ur as well as the dispersion of Noah's sons and filled out notebooking pages highlighting each.

Here are our timeline figures from the past three weeks. (The timeline figures are found in the student sheets for Creation to the Greeks.) Our timeline is simply a string around our schoolroom with the figures either taped or secured with a clothes pin. Each child took turns coloring the figures for the wall.

Oh my goodness are we loving our science curriculum this year! Dr. Jay Wile has hit a home run for us with Science in the Beginning. It is written as if he's speaking directly to us and has a living book feel. This isn't stuffy textbook talk at all and the experiments are so fun! Here are a few pictures from our first few lessons.

All about light and color. Did you know white light, like that from a candle, contains all the colors in the rainbow?

We learned about radiant, chemical, mechanical and thermal energy. In this experiment we witnessed a change from radiant energy to thermal.

We have had our monocular compound microscope for three years and we love it!  As an optional activity, we examined a piece of white paper. We observed the unevenness of the paper. It's certainly NOT smooth. We learned that because the surface of a piece of white paper is not smooth, our reflection can't be seen like in a mirror. The  picture below was taken by just placing my iPhone over the eyepiece of our microscope.

Read Alouds

In the mornings all three little ones gather in one bed and wake up to my reading aloud.  It's a gentle way to get our day going.

We started reading Newbery award winner, Amos Fortune, Free Man, a week before school started and finished it in week 2. Everyone loved this story which is based on the true life of a man born free in Africa, the son of a king, who was captured and sold as a slave in Boston in the mid 1700's. Amos eventually earned his freedom and bought freedom for others.

This week I found this fabulous closed captioned audiobook with illustrations of Flossie and the Fox. This is an adorable African American version of Little Red Riding Hood. We just love Flossie!

And these are our current read alouds:

  • All-of-a-Kind Family Is about a Jewish family with five little girls living in NYC at the turn of the century. We are only a few chapters in but we can tell this is going to be an interesting book.
We checked out Hittite Warrior from our library a couple of days ago. I've already read the introduction and the first chapter to the kids. After reading a couple of pages I thought it would be a bit too much for them at their young age, but they are asking for more!

Family Field Trip: 
F.D. Roosevelt State Park offers many classes throughout the year. Friday night, we attended Frog Walk  at the park. It was our very first time there. Per the suggestion of the ranger, we put together a picnic from town (short 5 minute drive) and enjoyed it overlooking the gorgeous scenery.

Our sunset view. The camera does not do the colors of the sunset justice.

    We had a short and fun lecture on frogs and toads and  how to identify their calls. Then we headed out with a big group of probably fifty to hunt for frogs, toads, froglets, tadpoles and eggs! We found lots of cricket frogs, like the one below, and heard many other kinds!

    We also found this adorable little froglet. He has all four legs and tail.

    Before the lecture, we had a little bit of free time to draw eggs, tadpoles, and frogs.

    Jonathan found this in our backyard on Thursday. We think it's a turtle egg. He also found an oblong egg, larger than a lizard egg. We think it's a snake egg. It was also found in our backyard!

    So that's just a few of our highlights from this week.=)

    Enjoy your weekend!

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