Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Highlights: Carschooling Favorites, Pyramids and our Luna Moth Eggs Hatched!

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We've been learning about pyramids this week (week 5) in My Father's World - Creation to the Greeks. One of our activities involved sugar cubes! Daddy was watching us build our square base, step pyramids in the floor. He must have thought it looked like irresistible building fun ;-) because he joined us! He is always so good at joining in on our activities!

The kids and I continued using the book Pyramids for science. We learned about mummy preservation. (The really cool preservation experiment will have to wait until we are home for more a couple of days at time. I'll be sure to post!) To go along with our introduction to mummies, we read Tut's Mummy: Lost...and Found. We also learned a lot about the pyramids of Giza and theories on how they were built. We explored friction and how rollers can be used to our advantage and watched a Magic School Bus episode on forces. We learned what the pyramids and stars have in common (so cool!). Plus learned how to find north and south using two methods, the sun and a globe. 

The kids completed a notebooking page about how rocks were quarried in ancient Egypt, and we threw in some more geography with a current map of the Middle East for our notebook. Plus we located Memphis, Egypt's capitol, on our map. We also reviewed the Egyptian and Mesopotamian geography we've been learning for the past few weeks.

We watched a few Youtube videos on how the pyramids might have been built and read the chapter titled "Ancient Egypt" in The Mystery of History.

Here's an interesting theory on how water could've been used to build the pyramids:

We explored the internet linked pages of Ancient World and discovered lots of interesting sites about mummies and the pyramids, and learned even more by reading in Ancient Egypt (Make It Work! History).

God and the History of Art Volumes I and II
Here is one of the art activities from the week. After reading a paragraph about King Tut, instructions were given on how to create a maze. All three kids drew one (freehand - not with a ruler as suggested) with traps and dead ends. They then exchanged mazes with each other to work through.

We completed a lot more learning, but I'm not going to go through the rest of our core subjects, read alouds, music or Latin/Greek during this week's highlights. I'll try to catch up later.

Remember our Luna moth story from last week? Well, her eggs finally hatched!  I kept thinking, We know your Mama, little fellas. I couldn't help but tear up.  It reminds me so much of  one of my favorite childhood books, Charlotte's Web.

There are five larvae in this zoomed in picture and the eggs are visible, too.
Field Trip
The last days for peach pickin' are quickly approaching, so we loaded up and took one more trip out to the peach orchard. Daddy came along, too!
We picked 1/2 a bushel.

Box Turtle Rescue
While on our way home from church last Sunday, this little cutie was standing in the middle of the road - it was near our home. We turned around and saved her from the highway. After watching her play in the rain in our backyard and in the stream that forms during heavy rain there, the kids released her close to where she was found.

Girl box turtles have brownish orange eyes and boys have reddish orange eyes. This is definitely a little girl.
Jonathan had his first ever soccer evaluation for Upward. He is so excited about playing.

Visit to my hometown

On the drive down we carschooled. We listened to Lamplighter's the White Gypsy. It's a fabulous story. All of Lamplighter's audio dramas are amazing. Then watched lots of Magic School Bus episodes. On the way home we listened to another Lamplighter audio drama. This time we chose The Robber's Cave and then continued DVD episodes of Magic School Bus. Hands down,  two of our favorite carschooling items are Lamplighter Theater and The Magic School Bus!

I also took some of our MFW books and completed some history and science lessons while at my mom's.

More nature in Alabama
The kids found lots of tree frogs, tadpoles and toads!

 We went fishing with my brother and trail riding. Isn't this pond beautiful. It was the perfect spot for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding.

This is my grandparents' dog, Malley. She's always reminded me of an Egyptian because of her dark eyeliner on both eyes! She's such a pretty and sweet little girl!

We also did some target shooting with a rifle and bow and arrow at my brother's. Safety is always first and a review of the safety rules always precedes target lessons. We all shot bull's eyes!
My niece and I checking out the next target.

My grandmother cooked for the family two days in a row which meant I got to see lots and lots of family and boy did I ever eat too much! We didn't think my dad would be able to make it home while we were there, but he surprised us! We got to spend lots of time with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and sweet little niece, and lots more family. It was so good to be home! We even toured a school bus.

We had a wonderful week of learning, exploring and....Jonathan learned to pronounce his L sound correctly. He used to say yizard, and yike, and rewey, etc. - but now he pronounces his L words perfectly. We also discovered his first loose tooth. He is certainly growing up...they all are...way too quickly.

I'm linking our highlights with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. I really enjoyed my time with you all last week. It was so great to see Caraline, Ryan and Jonathan catching frogs and tadpoles with their cousins, Jayda, Mason, Brinley and Lyla at their houses as well as PaPa Leon's and Miss Graces.. I was proud they got to investigate their Aunt Hannah's brand new school bus. Family time is always refreshing. I surely wish Paisley and Ethan could have been here, too. Love you all and so proud of the great work you are doing with your homeschooling and students. :)


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