Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's a New Year of Learning!

We are using My Father's World: Creation to the Greeks as our spine this year. This will be our first time officially studying ancient history for a full year, and I am so excited! We have a fifth grader, Caraline, a third grader, Ryan, and a first grader, Jonathan. (Jonathan is joining us in MFW: C to G. We are adding in his own phonics/reading/spelling and math program- one that I've used in the past with Caraline and Ryan. Since I already had those items, he's not doing MFW's 1st grade curriculum.)

 Leading up to our study, we took a family field trip - that means Daddy, too to the Carlos Museum in Atlanta. The Carlos is a great museum specializing in ancient artifacts from around the world. They even have Egyptian mummies! I wanted everyone to see what we will be studying first and as we study certain things as the weeks progress I can say, "Remember when we saw the .... at the Carlos?" and hopefully it will make history more alive and real for them.

We loved the museum so much we purchased a family membership (so we can visit a few times this year to see the permanent artifacts and the special Creation exhibits that will be on display) We also visited again just a week later with my sister and her little girl! (She lives in Florida and homeschools, too!)

This second time Jonathan got in on the audio tour action. He became really good at finding exhibits with an audio file number and punching it into his own little headset. He would stay in front of the exhibit and listen to the whole thing! The only exhibit he and Ryan didn't want to visit the second time around was the ancient Egyptian exhibit with the all the  mummies. They spooked the boys a bit the first time around, but they would NEVER admit it.
I admit this one is a little creepy.
The artistry is amazing!

While my sister, niece, and Caraline visited that portion of the museum the rest of us went to the book store. We found a great 3-D shapes/pop-up book on ancient Egypt and the same type on gladiators. We bought the shape book called The Gladiators, (it was on clearance) since I have a lot of ancient Egypt resources at home and zero on the Colosseum and gladiators. It is so cool because the pages are vibrant and shaped like the Colosseum. I'll have to post a picture of it later.

On to our first week:

We read all about the seven days of creation in Genesis and pulled in resources recommended by MFW, like Dinosaurs of Eden, which my kids LOVE and The Victor Journey through the Bible which is full of beautiful pictures and background information.  One thing we are adding in is The Mystery of History, Volume I. (I've linked to the first quarter of the book on Kindle and it's only $3.99!) We read the first lesson, and I just love how the author brings history and the Bible alive. I know this will be one of our favorite read alouds this year.

All three kids completed their first notebooking page from MFW and I absolutely had to laugh at the differences in a ten year old girl's depiction of creation - so loving and sweet. And then my eight year old boy's bloody battle scene. (We all believe in no bloodshed before the fall, but he told me he just had draw it that way - it was more fun, lol.)

I love the expression on Caraline's cheetah and how Adam and Eve are strategically placed!

For science we are using Dr. Jay Wile's Science in the Beginning as recommended in the newest MFW manual. I can't say enough good things about this curriculum. Our first two lessons have been great for all three ages! I love the meat of the lesson is only a page and a half long with a simple experiment to complement each. (It doesn't bore them since it's NOT long winded like some narration based science books can be.)

It is fabulous for hands on learners like my boys! Science in the Beginning takes the days of creation one by one for its lessons. So the premise is the same as Genesis for Kids,which is used in the older manuals. I do have Genesis for Kids,and we did read those pages, too but by far my favorite is Dr. Wile's.

Since we are learning about light and color, I am also reading aloud a Magic Schoolbus chapter book called Color Day Relay . So far it is really good! I bought the whole 20 book set used at our homeschool group's book sale earlier in the summer.

For foreign language and vocabulary building we are continuing our study of Latin using Prima Latina. (We use the DVD's!) This is a product we reviewed last year when we participated in The Old Schoolhouse's Review Crew. We are also using English from the Roots Up which is very good and used in MFW: C to G. I bought the flashcards, too. Even Jonathan can tell you what the Greek word biblos means in English and throw out a few derivatives! So we are learning Latin and Greek this year.

We are going to continue studying Spanish, too. We like Homeschool Spanish Academy and will probably start those Skype based lessons again in September.

This year we will learn more about and even pick a few Biblical feasts to celebrate in MFW: C to G. I've been wanting to learn more about this through a Christian perspective for a while now. I just love learning along side my little ones!

This week we learned about the Sabbath by my reading about it in Celebrating Biblical Feasts. And then we had a conversation about what I read.  We also read aloud from a recommended picture book, The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays. We like this book a lot. We didn't actually DO a Jewish Sabbath like the lesson plans suggested. I do hope to celebrate this feast with the little ones in the weeks to come.

I'll talk about some of our other subjects next week. For now, I'd like to share some moments captured in pictures from our first week back to school.

Our Week in Pictures:

A homeschool friend asked me to share a picture of our classroom on facebook. Here it is for you all, too.
Our classroom

Our outdoor classroom
The kids participated in an art camp one afternoon through our church. We carried a very sweet friend with us, too. She homeschools and lives right across the street!

We took a break one beautiful afternoon and picked peaches for the very first time.
We ended up with a full 1/2 bushel of yummy red globe peaches.

Two of the three had their very first eye exam. They rocked the dilation sunglasses. Ryan will have his next week.

The boys made megalodons one afternoon. They also made a super cool T-Rex out of poster board.

Isn't he awesome!

I appreciate you stoppingng by and reading our scrapbook of our week!

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Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. Glad to "hear" from you, Hope! Sounds like it's going to be a great year!

    1. Nicole!! You have just made my night! I've missed hearing from you! =)

  2. I really enjoyed hearing and seeing what you and my sweet babies have done in school this week as well as the other activities as well. Looks like you all are ready for a successful year of learning and teaching. I love you all. Mom/Nana

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