Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Highlights: Our Friends are off to Asia! Compassion International and Botanical Gardens

Our Friends are off to Asia!

We have sweet friends that are getting ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime. The Lows are members of our homeschool co-op, and I've had the great honor of teaching two of their precious children. They have been preparing to answer God's call in their lives to be foreign missionaries for a while now. I am going to attempt to share their newsletter with you all. The * stands for the name of the country in Asia they are going to. It's a closed country, so the name can't be given out over the internet.

It is crazy to think that in under sixty days, we will be wheels up and on our way to *! The reality of God’s calling has become very apparent as the furniture, the toys, the precious items have been replaced by ten suitcases in which we will pack our most needed items. Of the ten cases, each child has been given their own suitcase in which they can take whatever they want. It has warmed our hearts to watch the girls work together to make sure no doll’s clothes or My Little Pony is left behind.

In addition to the preparations for departure, I had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia to meet with leaders from other regions in the East Asian Pacific. We discussed strategies for ministry in the upcoming year and received training on building a self sustaining infrastructure within *.


And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Up until the 1950's it was illegal to be a Christian in *. In just these last sixty years the national church has grown from five known believers to an estimated one million. OM works alongside this church, providing training, literature, education, and encouragement to those who are often times shunned by their community and family for following Christ. Team members trek to remote areas, minister among youth, children, women, Tibetan Buddhists and the those marginalized by their society.

GIVING: We have reached 66% of our support goal! But still have a ways to go in order to be in * by January. We are short about 1800 a month to fulfill our living and ministry expenses at this point. If we could have 36 more families pledge 50 dollars a month we would reach our goal! We need to have 100% by December 15th so time is of the essence! Thank you to all those who have partnered with us to this point. 

• click on the header GIVE
• Click “give to support OM’s work through a missionary” for a one time gift or “Set-up Automated Monthly gift”
• Authorize method of payment
•* is a closed country and we will not be listed on any websites including OM’s. You will need to manually enter in “Tanner and Krystal Low” in the comment box along with account # 1000294093.
• You may also mail a check to : Operation Mobilization USA PO BOX 444 Tyrone, GA 30290-0444 Please write “Tanner and Krystal Low” in the memo line.

Tanner and Krystal Low

Please keep the Lows in your prayers, and if you are able to donate monetarily to their mission, know it will be used wisely to further God's Kingdom.

Last Week of Co-op

This was also our last week of co-op. Our new semester will start in the middle of January. It's always nice to have our Thursdays open during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas - but oh how we miss seeing all 209 of our friends and their parents and the fun things we learn at co-op each week! By the middle of January we are so ready to go back!

This last week was special. You all know Compassion International and sponsoring children is very dear to my heart. Well, we had one of our mommys, Mrs. Sandy, give a beautiful presentation on how sponsorship works, how lives are transformed and how important it is to just ask! You see, our special speaker had always wanted to sponsor a child but thought that her husband would NEVER be open to the idea so she just tucked the thought away.

One night they were at a concert, and the gentleman spoke about his own sponsorship story and encouraged everyone to just take a look at the children's profiles being passed around. We'll as soon as her husband was handed a packet he said, "Ya know, we really should do this!" All the time our Mrs. Sandy thought her husband would say "No" and here he is saying "Let's do it!"

and on a table with many beautiful faces of children already being sponsored - this gift of verses to be sent soon to a special little girl in Nicaragua, the little girl who's picture was held by the husband who knew instantly - We have to do this! was there. Isn't it precious!

Later that night, our director sent this touching song to our group. I'd never heard it before. It's absolutely beautiful.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

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A Little About Our School Week:

There is lots of  schoolwork we accomplished this week that I'm not blogging about - I need to at some point! I will go ahead and quickly share we read lots of great books, including Cranberry Thanksgiving , and Squanto, Friend Of The Pilgrims, and found a stray little doggie - I shared about earlier in the week. We packed our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes (are you following Homegrown Learners' trip to deliver shoe boxes to Ecuador?!) and we are getting ready to begin our Advent activities. It's been a couple of years since we've done Truth in the Tinsel, so we are going to do that one again!

A Big Field Trip!
Here are pictures of a super fun field trip to Atlanta Botanical Garden to finish out our week.
A magnificent plant sculpture. Orchids. We named this The Entrance to the Secret Garden. Vegetables! A Christmas Tree!
Practicing their map skills. Mr. McGregor's Garden. Hanging Gourds. 
Beautiful orchids. They remind me of baby birds in their nest. Watching a botanist at work. A pretty Christmas scene in the Orchid House
Bees! and a Bee Dance

I was pleased to see a pomegranate - my sister's favorite tree when she was a wee little girl. A beautiful fluffy bush. And a little boy who had had all he could handle and feel asleep before we reached home.

We are sharing our Weekly Highlights with our friends at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschooler's Weekly Wrap-up.


  1. Wow one busy and blessed homeschool!

  2. What a fantastic field trip. I love all of the amazing pictures.
    blessings, Dawn

  3. Your friends are blessed to have you. Praying for them as they prepare to go. I like the photos from the Botanical Gardens.

  4. Hope -- I can't believe they are finally going to be on their way to Asia - I remember the excitement last year when Krystal came to speak to your missions class. I cannot imagine the faith and resolve such a journey takes, but I do know that with GOD anything is possible. It's amazing how He works in all of our lives.

    The Botanical Gardens look wonderful. I may have to squeeze in a field trip there in December with my kids!

    I appreciate you linking, my friend!


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