Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Stray...

The kids and I got up about two hours earlier than normal this morning. We needed to finish school so that we could have lunch with friends and then run a big errand.

By big errand I mean one that's going to take a long time. My husband and I won a couple of things at a silent auction on Friday night, and the place to pick them up (tickets to the Botanical Gardens and passes to the Rock Ranch!) was nearly an hour from where we were having lunch.

On our way home from our big errand, we passed a beautiful, six or so month old boxer/pit bull mix puppy eating rubbish on the side of the road. I could see his ribs poking through his skin while traveling on the highway. It was heartbreaking. The kids saw him too and insisted that we turn around - my foot was already on the brakes.

I parked well onto the shoulder of the road with my hazard lights flashing, about 30 feet from the pup. I got out of the car slowly, with old french fries in hand - this time I was thankful for the kids not cleaning up from an on the go meal.  As soon as I started calling to the pup he shot into the road and for a moment I was terrified for the little guy. He quickly raced into the woods on the same side of the road we were parked. I tried again to coax him to us, but he would have nothing of it. I watched him look back at me and trot off into the distance.

Once I got back into the car, Caraline began saying, "We need Daddy. I just know he'd be able to catch him so we could feed him and find him a home." She and the boys began to pray that the doggy would be close to the place where we last saw him, be safe and that he wouldn't be afraid of us.

We did call the dog catcher and report where we had seen the little guy. He said there hadn't been any reports of a stray in that area. I gave him our number. I told him to call me if a dog matching this one's description came in. I'd like to help him find a home.

Once back home, the kids told Daddy the story, gathered a bunch of dog food and a leash. Then, off we headed (with Daddy!) to try to save the little guy - or at least leave a meal for him.

When we neared the spot where we first saw him, we noticed another car stopped on the side of the road with their hazard lights on. We just knew the doggy must be in the area again. Sure enough another nice person was trying to help the pup, too. The doggy ran from this man, too.

Daddy and I called for him and looked around for a few minutes but couldn't find him. We decided to go ahead and leave the food on an old blue bin lid that we found under the leaves. At least we can rest easier knowing the little guy will have a full tummy.

 Photo: Trying to catch a beautiful stray dog. No luck, but at least giving him a meal-

We will make another trip out there tomorrow to leave food. We won't be able to do it everyday - it's not at all convenient for us, but we'll do it as we can.

I am glad my little ones and husband have just as tender a heart as I do for animals.


We went back the next day as planned. I took another pint of dog food to the same place - about 30 feet from the highway and in the woods for our little friend. He was no where to be found, and to my dismay the dog food from the previous afternoon remained untouched.

I decided to drive three miles over to the vet clinic where we adopted our Sandy back in Jan. Just to see if perhaps they had any news. They didn't.

The kids and I agreed to give one last look - farther up the road this time. Then our worst fears for him became reality. We found our little friend passed away in the median. We pulled over, said a few prayers, and cried over him. We were heartbroken. We know this is probably the best outcome for him. He was terribly afraid of humans and being that he is a Pit, he probably wouldn't have been easy to adopt out.... We prayed we would find him. Our prayers were answered. Although not in the way we had hoped. We do at least have closure....


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