Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Highlights ~ A House Fire, An Easy Fix, A Decison to Make

Our week started with a house fire in our neighborhood. Thankfully, everyone - pets, too got out safely. But to see the many fire engines, the first responders and the multiple city vehicles drive by our house on this beautiful afternoon and to see the smoke rise from over the trees, a very short distance in front of our house, broke my heart. We immediately prayed.

About an hour and a half after we watched the first engine pass our house we walked down the street to where the house was burning. We knew our neighbors were safe. We wanted to let them know that we were willing to help in anyway they may need, and to simply support them. I also wanted our kids to see true heroes in action.

We couldn't get to our neighbors that afternoon, but later in the evening my husband went back to their home and gave a gift to this precious couple. ~ In the immediate time after a fire, we've heard from others that have been through this, that money and gift cards are the biggest blessings. The fire was still burning.

The next day, we baked treats and made cards for the fire station closest to our home and for our neighbors who were home picking through the debris. Thankfully, even though their house is a total loss, most of their clothes and a few precious keepsakes were spared from the fire (but not from water damage) in the master bedroom's closet.

 The firefighters welcomed us into their station and gave us a wonderful tour of the engines and invited us back anytime. We found out that one of the guys was actually homeschooled - way back when. We also learned there was another fire station that responded to the call. So a couple of days later the kids made more cards, and we baked more treats for that station, too.

Caraline's poem
Nature Park 

We took time to explore our favorite nature area as a family one evening. It's important to go regularly to the same place to observe the changing seasons, as Charlotte Mason would say. While there, a little yellow ring neck snake, a couple of frogs and a doe appeared for our enjoyment.  Being outside refreshes us all...

 A Quick and Cheap Fix!

Ryan was having issues with his handwriting book. It would not lie flat and it irritated him to no end.  Now, I've had e-books printed and spiral bound at our local office supply store. Did you know they can cut bindings off of books, too?  So, to cut off the binding and have his handwriting book spiral bound cost less than $5 and took less than 15 minutes. I wish I had done this a month ago!

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Caraline's Baby

We have an eleven pound, two year old Boston Terrier. We all adore her! We also have a niece (cousin) set to arrive the first of December. Caraline has been pretending Betsy is her little baby a lot lately. She's been reading nursery rhymes, feeding her "bottles" ( Lickety Stiks) and rocking her to sleep. She even made up a schedule of when to feed, burp, rock, read, etc. to Betsy - so cute!! We'll on this night, Carline spent over an hour singing softly the nursery rhymes in our Mother Goose book. It wasn't long until little brother pulled a chair up to listen, too. This completely warmed my heart.

On the Blog:
We also reviewed a fun, award winning politics game called The Presidential.

On My Mind:

In the next few weeks I will need to make a decision about this blog and returning to the TOS Review Crew. It's certainly blessed us this past year and a half with fun and educational items to review and share with our friends. I've also met a lot of wonderful ladies through The Crew, too.

I love sharing my thoughts and ideas on the blog. I hope I encourage. But, I wonder the eternal significance of this. I have children at home right now. They will not always be at my side. Am I using this time with them wisely? Is blogging what God has called me to do, along with raising our family? Sometimes I feel the answer is yes. Other times, I feel my family needs me available more. I will be in earnest prayer over this for the next few weeks.


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  1. I've just found you .. hope you don't stop blogging! :)

    1. Thank you so much Nicole for your sweet encouragement. I admit, it would be terribly difficult to stop. =) Thank you again. =)

  2. I was so saddened to hear of your neighbors' loss. However, I am so thankful and proud that you, Marty and the kids reached out to this family in time of need. Also for encouraging the firefighters.... I am sure it was a great educational and interesting time for the kiddos to visit the fire station. I love you all! Mom/Nana

  3. Hope, I think the great thing about blogging is that YOU control how much time you spend. I understand your struggle (I really do). When I started getting emails from moms saying I helped THEM, then I knew it was worth it -- plus my blog affords my kids a lot of opportunities and they see mom working and doing something she loves, which is healthy. I think if anyone can achieve a balance, it is you, my friend. :-)

    Hugs. I miss seeing you on a weekly basis. :-(


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