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Weekly Highlights ~ Obedience School, Apps, Read Alouds and More

Highlights from the week of July 26 - August 3, 2013.
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Nana visited for four days!
While she was here, she babysat the kids so that Daddy and I could attend an annual homeschooling convention. We sat in on many great speakers' seminars and poured over all the vendor booths. That's a full post in its self! (And how awesome is it that my husband would go to a homeschool convention with me?! Yep, I have a good one.)

Here's a quick list of three of my favorite venders from the show:
  •  IEW I love their writing materials!
  • Homeschool Spanish Academy We are reviewing their online, one-on-one classes and we are loving it! My husband and I talked at length to the founders. I love their mission.
  • Logic of English I listened to one of the author's seminars and met her personally at the Logic of English booth. I have since downloaded her book Uncovering the Logic of English on my kindle and their iPad app. Spend some time on their website. There are tons of free teaching videos on Youtube.
We ran into lots of friends from our homeschooling group and a special friend that has decided to homeschool for the first time this year. And totally unexpected, we saw friends that live a whole state a way - my husband has known this friend since their teenage years! And, his wife and I have been friends since the first day we met- probably thirteen years ago.  We double dated for dinner and then took one last look around the vendor hall together.

Back to mom and a couple of highlights from her trip ~ She taught the kids how to make homemade buttermilk biscuits. Mom is known for her biscuits, and I'm so thankful she's passing her knowledge down to the kids - and to me! I needed lessons, too!

The ingredients are simple: flour, buttermilk and a tiny bit of oil. It's the kneading and rolling that are tricky.
 In two sittings, Caraline read one of her favorite stories, The Courage of Sarah Noble, aloud to Nana. I remember fondly reading this book to Caraline in first grade. Then she took it to her room and read it on her own several times. It is a very sweet story.

This past weekend, my dad had a chance to stop by for a few hours. It warms my heart and my little ones' hearts for sure to have Mom and Dad, who've been divorced for well over twenty years, go out for lunch and yogurt with us! It's truly the little things in life that are most precious. Mom and Dad are able to be friends and life is grand because of that seven letter word!

Caraline and Nana share a love for the piano. Nana is also known back home for her unique piano playing skills. It's always nice to hear them play songs and sing together.

Because of our travels and her (Caraline's) teacher's travels, Caraline has taken breaks here and there this summer from formal piano lessons. It was good to get back to lessons this past week! She is enjoying her new (since April) piano teacher immensely. She's been a good friend for - oh, wow! This month marks ten years Mrs. K and I have know each other!! Crazy.

Obedience School:
Our pit bull rescue is in obedience training with an accomplished trainer. (In the bottom right picture of this collage, Ryan is wearing a boxing glove, belonging to Sandy's trainer, autographed by Mike Tyson.) Mr. Jerry lectures at vet schools on dog behavior and so much more. Our whole family is certainly getting a great education from Mr. Jerry as well.

Because of obedience training, we had to car-school for nearly three hours on Monday. Schoolhouse Rock! kept the kids singing along! We are big fans of this educational DVD set. We covered grammar, math, science, history and civics while traveling up and down the interstate.
At home this week, we had our first private, online Spanish lesson ~ review to follow in about a month!

 A couple of apps we are using:
  • Teach Me K, 2nd and 3rd (there's not a fourth grade!) All three of our little ones love this app. It covers many core subjects and is fun! I especially love the way the math lessons are set up!
  • Math Bingo My second and fourth graders have loved this for years! There's also a Word Bingo by the same maker.
Read Alouds:
Continuing Tales of the Kingdom (Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy) as part of our My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum and Adventures of Pinocchio (free Kindle download).

Art and Bible:
Notgrass' Draw to Learn curriculum  We like the pairing of art with Bible lessons!We will have a review ready this week.

Music Appreciation: 
We are using Homegrown Learners SQUILT Lessons. They are super fun and all the work is done for the teacher to just open, print, listen and go!

On the Blog: 
We reviewed Legacy Documentaries: Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Awana Homeschool Kits, plus I shared pictures of our night catching lightning bugs in the deep south. 

This week I am linking our Weekly Highlights with:
 Homegrown Learners

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  1. I enjoyed every minute my visit!! I am so proud you and Marty had a fun, successful homeschooling convention this year. Hope, you did an awesome job on making the biscuits. They turned out really great!


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