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Weekly Highlights: Our Second Week Back to School

Week Two

We school outside as much as possible, which happens as much in the early morning as possible. Summers are HOT down here in GA! For outside bookwork, we enjoy sitting at our picnic tables. One of them has a sandbox underneath. Our girl Sandy likes to lie down in the cool sand and get a foot massage while we are learning.

Don't you just love C's noise reducing ear muffs?! And how deep in discussion R is over spelling rules =) In the last picture, a discussion over whether it's too hot to continue schooling outside is underway.
The kids participated in an art camp this week with over twenty other kids from our church. They made the cutest giraffes. After class, our little ones enjoyed running in the big front yard of the art studio, and I got to chit chat with a couple of other homeschooling mommies. 

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What's Happening Outside:
We think J's (He's 5 years old.) big find might be a praying mantis egg case that has hatched. Anyone know for sure??
And, we have more babies!!! These cuties are blue bird nestlings. There were four eggs. We are hoping a fourth baby emerges from underneath soon. Our last blue bird brood had five eggs and only four hatched.

and inside...

I wrote about our big surprise of guppy fry this week, too!

We love to observe nature and learn all we can about the world God has created for us to enjoy ~ first hand. I wholeheartedly agree with Charlotte Mason's philosophy and the importance she places on Nature Study. She is one smart cookie in my opinion. For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School is one of my favorite books regarding Charlotte Mason's teachings, and a book I reread every summer.

Read Alouds: 
I have been wanting to read Sarah, Plain and Tall to the kids for a while now. I bought Sarah, Plain and Tall and the accompanying Progeny Press literature study guide at a used book sale last year. I love the way we are able to dig deep into the literature aspects of the book and also apply what we are learning to Biblical truths using Progeny Press' guide.

All three enjoyed the book. I cried a couple of times, and the discussions we had were priceless. I'll never forget my third grade teacher reading this gem to me...
093242: Sarah, Plain and Tall Progeny Press Study Guide Sarah, Plain and Tall Progeny Press Study Guide

We are now reading Ozma of Oz, the third of the fourteen or so books in the Wizard of Oz series. Did you know there are that many? I didn't know about any of them until a month ago! My favorite doctor and I had a discussion about read alouds at my last appointment. He said this and all of the Wizard Of Oz books were his wife's favorites. He read all of them aloud to their children, and they quickly became his children's favorites, too!

I got the whole Wizard of Oz Series, with original illustrations on sale for only 0.99 in the Kindle store!! It is linked and formatted beautifully, too. I am amazed it's only 0.99. (It's still on sale at the time of this posting.)

I've read over 160 pages in just four days from this one book!  It's a hit!

We are also reading Kingdom Tales. The first suggested read aloud from My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures, our spine for this year. (Scroll down on their page for the book with discussion questions.). We've read this book once before, about two years ago. Caraline remembers it well and adores it. The boys were a little young. This go-round they are totally into it! Our discussions during our readings are so sweet. Kingdom Tales will be a family treasure always.

Bible and Art:
All three are reviewing Notgrass' Draw to Learn. It's a Bible study that combines art beautifully. We've been using two of their studies. I can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!

The Rest of Our Week:

We enjoyed Family Fun Night at church. Instead of VBS we are having  a few family-friendly gatherings in the evenings.  The kids watched a couple of fun skits about forgiveness, sang and danced to a few songs, we went on a prayer walk around the church's lake together, played Frisbee and kickball, too - even Mommy got in on the fun. :)

The whole family went to see Despicable Me 2 one evening this week. This was my second time. Caraline and I had a Mommy Daughter date last week to see the movie. It was all I could do not to fall asleep! I was so tired. The boys loved it, and their laughter is contagious. Who can fall asleep with precious giggles right next to you?!

What's going on with my food allergies:

I had a doctor's appointment this week with a new allergist. She repeated my skin tests and is doing additional blood work. (I had forgotten how brutal a green, 21 gauge needle feels. Butterfly needles are my friend, even the blue, 22 gauge feels like a walk in the park compared to the green! Ok, I'll stop complaining now.) Good news is : I am eating "new" old foods without having any reactions. I think we've narrowed down what I need to stay away from. Instead of eight to ten foods to be cautious of I am down to just one to avoid completely! A prayer answered!!

We had a super sweet young lady watch our little ones while my husband went with me to the doctor. I am so thankful she was able to come over on such short notice! Ryan is looking forward to another game of Checkers very soon, Ms. A. =)

Ryan had another earache, but thankfully the cause wasn't his ears! A muscle in his throat was irritated and mimicking ear pain. He passed with flying colors another hearing test too! 

another homeschooling friend and her two little ones visited this week, too. It's always so good to catch up with my sweet friend.

A Little More About School:
I've realized that Jonathan (K) can do many of our Geography and Science lessons. He is able to answer questions and join in discussions like a big boy. This has been great since I find that "getting it all done" is difficult. Combining the three as much as possible is a huge time saver. I am still looking for my groove.
Working on Geography together

Working on a science project (close observation of a backyard habitat in a 1-square-yard area) together.
 And, my sweet husband gave Caraline another spelling test this week and checked over her math homework, too. I hope he realizes what a huge help he is to me. Not only is he our provider, but he helps around the house (does 99% of the laundry! and helps straighten up) and with school ~ I couldn't come close to getting what needs to be done without his help!

On the Blog:
We reviewed a super fun product for the Schoolhouse Review Crew this week, Picabook Yearbooks. Come on over and take a peek at what we created.

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    1. And I just love you, Sista! Thank you for the sweet words. =) I can't wait to hear about your first adventures in homeschooling.Just over two weeks until you start, right? Your little ones are so very blessed to have you.

  3. Hi Hope.
    Looks like you had a very successful week. I love that you schooled at the picnic table. So much fun can be had while learning outdoors and some serious work can take place too! Stopping in from Collage Friday.


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