Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Have Guppy Babies!!!

Soon after getting home from church, we discovered a super big surprise! A very pregnant guppy mommy didn't look so pregnant anymore; she has given birth! These little guys are so tiny. It's difficult to spot them in our tank. I count seven, but don't hold me to that. There may be more.

When they are this tiny and translucent (I've magnified this picture significantly.) you can easily see their backbone. This little one was hiding out in the upper right hand corner of the rock structure.

Another picture of a little one hiding out.

They are smaller than most of the pebbles on the bottom of our tank! Can you spot the fry (baby fish)??

We purposefully have lots of places for the little guys to hide, so we don't try to separate the babies from the tank like other serious fish owners do.

What a wonderful discovery. Now to continue observing the fry with my excited little ones.

Happy Sunday!



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