Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Wonderful Learning Experience at the Vet Clinic!

Our oldest has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was four years old! She loves to read how to books about caring for your pet, and any science book related to animal health she devours. Recently she got another hands on lesson from our teaching friendly vet - that actually enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone interested in learning, regardless of age. 

We took our little two year old Boston Terrier to see her doctor because of an eye infection. Poor little thing was diagnosed with pink eye. I didn't realize that humans can easily pass pink eye to dogs. Interestingly, dogs can easily share pink eye with other dogs, but spreading the infection to humans is less common.

Cuddling with Betsy after helping apply eye ointment
Dr. S explained infectious eye diseases beautifully to our little one. (He always asks if she still wants to be a vet!) Then, he explained all parts of the physical assessment as he examined our doggy and let Caraline listen to Betsy's healthy heart. Once at the knee, he spent a lot of extra time discussing its anatomy and physiology. Betsy has had knee trouble since an injury as a pup. Caraline!

We also learned that Betsy has cataracts (hereditary) - at only two years old. Of course, being the amazing teacher our vet is, he went into extensive detail discussing what cataracts is and how we can treat it. The good news is that eye drops are back on the market that were considered a miracle drug back in the 80's! (Our vet even went into a little bit of politics from behind the scenes of why this fabulous medication was taken off the shelves.) We have high hopes that in merely three months Betsy's eyes will be mostly clear.

Dr. S spent over an hour talking and explaining as much as he could to a very attentive Caraline. I consider it a wonderful learning experience each time we visit the vet clinic. I have a feeling one day in the not so distant future she will be volunteering here. I have no doubt she will be years ahead of first year vet students before she's even out of high school ~ if Dr. S has anything to do with it!


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