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Awana Home School Kit ~ A Review

Our family loves Awana, which is a discipleship program. The memorization of scripture, the understanding of the verses and practical, hands-on application of Bible truths are a few of the many reasons we love the program.

We are blessed to have an Awana club at a nearby church. My children attend from August through May. I do know of areas where the program isn't available. (Before now, the materials were only available to purchase through a physical club.) An Awana Home School Kit can play a large role in the discipleship of children (and their parents) at home.

What is in a Homeschool Kit?

The materials in the Homeschool Kit are the same as those available to children (and their parents) to work through in a traditional club. The Entrance Booklet and Student Handbook (K-2nd Handbooks include a CD of the handbook being read aloud dramatically, with different voices for the characters.), Verse Music CD and the Parent Handbook, Awana at Home. The kids and I also adore the exclusive lime green Awana Home School drawstring backpack, too. It is a handy way to store and transport their Awana materials.

Also to note, the Student Handbooks are available in many translations: ESV, KJV, NKJV, and NIV.

Below are the Homeschool Kits we received for review.

 HangGlider ~Kindergarten Home School Kit ~ 40 Lessons
 Seven pages of ParentIdeas, explaining how to make the Biblical truths learned come to life for the student, are included in the back of the HangGlider Student Handbook (112 pages, spiral bound). There are 12 Bible biographies, from the book of Genesis to Joshua, and many character stories in HangGlider. By the end of this course, the HangGlider student will have memorized many Bible verses and all of the books of the Bible.

My five year old looking through his Flight3:16 booklet and his handbook is opened on the floor.

Second Grade Home School Kit ~ 40 Lessons
In the third level of Sparks, SkyStormer, (112 pages, spiral bound) children continue learning biographies of people in the Bible, from Matthew to Revelation, character stories, memorizing verses and reviewing all the books in the Bible. There are 11 complete Bible biographies on the SkyStormer read-aloud CD in PDF form. The last page of each biography includes read aloud activities, discussion activities and and an application idea, plus key learning points to be taken away from the biography. There are also full-color, printable SkyStormer biography cards and all of the biography cards from the previous two Sparks' Handbooks on the CD. There are twenty-four total biographies in the first two Sparks' Handbooks and 11 more in SkyStormer.

Example of a biography card. I printed this one in b&w.

Fourth Grade Home School Kit ~ 56 Lessons
 The Truth and Training Ultimate Adventure Homeschool Kit engages your fourth grader by answering their questions about God and the Bible, guiding them through this pivotal life stage to grow in Christ's grace. ~ from the Awana website

There are 148 pages in the spiral bound Handbook, plus question and answer cards and the Awana Ultimate Adventure theme song sheet music in the back.

Our fourth grader memorizing verses in the T&T handbook.
Pricing: Awana Home School Kits, K- fourth grade are $39 each, for preschool and above fourth grade, prices vary.

How We Use the Homeschool Kit:
  • We began our new studies by having each child complete their Entrance Booklet. For Sparks this is Flight3:16. It's an interesting comic strip type story that introduces what John 3:16 means in pieces. The verse is introduced in four small sections so that by the end of the story, the verse has built upon itself and has been memorized in manageable pieces.  
  • We listen to the handbook CD's and Verse CD's mostly in the car. I also read aloud those same handbook sections to my K and second grader (Sparks). My fourth grader (T&T) reads and answers questions in her sections independently. We go over her answers together.
  • We all work on memorizing our verses for a few minutes each day.  Our goal is to memorize two to  three "You Say It" sections each school week for my Sparks students (both have different verses to memorize) and three to four sections for my T&T student each week.
  • I read over the Awana at Home Parent Handbooks, ShepherdGlory, and Beginnings (170 + pages each, spiral bound) to dig deeper into what each child is studying in their handbooks. The parent books are designed to enable parents to better disciple their children and for the parent to grow spiritually as well. There's a perfect amount of material covered in just one parent handbook to complete each week. Trying to keep up with three is a daunting, yet rewarding task. I do fall behind. I am enjoying the material found in all three and will continue to read through each of the parent Bible studies as the year progresses.
What we think about Awana Home School Kits:

This is a wonderful Bible study/devotional set for those teaching their children at home. Memorizing scripture is an important task and the truths learned in all of the Awana Handbooks are substantial and accomplished in an interesting way.

There is no schedule for completing handbooks at home. In Awana club, handbooks are encouraged to be completed in 9 months. This is completely doable, and certainly a bit of a challenge for the T&T grades. I would encourage parents to work at their individual child's pace. 

And, to my knowledge, the reward system (a huge motivator for my children) in place for Awana Clubs isn't available for the Home School Kits.


Disclaimer: I received the K, second, and fourth grade Home School Kits in exchange for our honest review.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Summer Nights in the South

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Hightlights ~ Tea Time!

Tea Time

Saturday night, while researching read alouds on Ambleside Online, I read the sweetest post on The Virtues of Tea Time. I began daydreaming of lovely togetherness, sweetness, classical music and poetry.  I decided this is something we absolutely must begin in our home.

Sunday afternoon, we had our first tea. It was just as I had dreamed. We listened to music as the water boiled. We sat together and had sweet talks, read poetry from Where the Sidewalk Ends, (I had purchased a beat up copy the day before from our library for $1.) and a Bible story. We also ate a simple sampling of fruit with our teas.

The next day, we decided to make Lemonade Scones in true English tea fashion. We enjoyed our baking time immensely, but by the time we were almost ready to sit down, we weren't in as pleasant of a mood as I had hoped. I think waking early to take our doggies to the vet for a check-up, then a full day of lessons, and a baking session in the late afternoon, with clean-up, made us all a bit tired. My nice, pleasant togetherness didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. We were all a little cranky by this time but still managed a somewhat sweet time together. Plus, the little ones didn't like the herbal teas they had chosen for this particular tea time. Poor Jonathan shuddered all over, like what happens when you taste something very sour, as he sipped his orange-mango tea. (Daddy joined in and couldn't help but laugh at us... that big laugh was contagious and helped lighten the mood.)

We didn't give up. We've had tea time each day this week. Caraline in particular adores this time together. It is truly a highlight to her day, too. She has a special little butterfly and bumblebee tea cup that we found earlier this week at a department store (on sale!) that she loves, too. And tonight, we had a special visitor for tea, Nana! The kids talked all day about waiting to have tea until Nana arrived.

Summer Nights

Wednesday we enjoyed Summer Nights at our church. After a wonderful lesson on humility, and a great group dance number from our pastor, our family pastor and a few other fellas, we set off on a journey around the church campus in the spirit of the Amazing Race. We participated in a few of the activity stations, and then the boys were ready to fish! Our church is blessed with a beautiful campus and lovely pond.
We always search for the egg shells the parents discard after the our baby birds hatch. It's fun to see who can find the first shell. Last time it was Ryan. This time it was ME! Our baby blue birds are growing by leaps and bounds. It won't be much longer until they leave the nest. That will probably be our last brood of little ones for the year ~ a bittersweet moment.

And Jonathan wanted a picture taken of his slugs and snail. He loves searching for little critters. Nature exploration happens daily around here. It is important to my husband and me that our little ones enjoy, appreciate and learn first-hand from the world that God has created for us.

We Love Read Alouds! 

What chapter books are we are reading right now?:

Ozma of Oz from the Wizard of Oz Illustrated Series ~ almost finished! This is a fun read. (This Kindle version is only 0.99 for all 15 books and with the original illustrations! Plus, the formatting is perfect and it has links for each book and their chapters.)

Pinocchio ~ listening to the free audio and reading from the free Kindle version we downloaded from Audiobook Treasury. I love how uncluttered and easy it is to navigate through this site! I do have the LibriVox app on my iPhone and it's wonderful and FREE, too.

And, we listened to the The Magician's Nephew (Aubible Audio) in under twenty-four hours. I didn't expect us to finish so quickly, but every free moment we gathered around to find out what would happen next. We couldn't listen to it fast enough! It is absolutely fabulous. We are looking forward to reading/listening to the whole Chronicles of Narnia series.

and Kingdom Tales. It's a fun, exciting story too. 

A Fun Finger Play:
Just something silly we did over and over this week.  It's is a fun way to learn the basics of subtraction. (Make sure your speakers are a little low.) Enjoy the monkey sounds. :)

Favorite Songs We are Singing Around the House this Week:
10,000 Reasons

Yours Forever


We are enjoying My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures. So far, First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease are working beautifully for oldest two. Even Jonathan is listening in on their lessons and retaining a wealth of knowledge! We decided to stick to BJUP for Spelling. Caraline made the final decision on which Spelling curriculum to use, and I think she chose well. I like the way BJUP explains spelling rules and word families ~ so do Ry and Care.

Caraline is doing Saxon 5/4 independently (I just check her answers.) and she isn't even using the D.I.V.E. Cd-Rom. She loves Saxon. Ryan is enjoying Saxon 2, too. I like how hands-on the lessons are for the younger grades.

I'll try to update more of our curriculum choices next week. I will say that we are all excited about a new review product for the Schoolhouse Review Crew that we will begin next week. It's called Homeschool Spanish Academy. We will have our own, private Spanish lessons with a native speaker face-to-face through Skype! How cool is that!

We will be out of pocket most of tomorrow (Friday). It's homeschool convention time in Atlanta!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Highlights: Our Second Week Back to School

Week Two

We school outside as much as possible, which happens as much in the early morning as possible. Summers are HOT down here in GA! For outside bookwork, we enjoy sitting at our picnic tables. One of them has a sandbox underneath. Our girl Sandy likes to lie down in the cool sand and get a foot massage while we are learning.

Don't you just love C's noise reducing ear muffs?! And how deep in discussion R is over spelling rules =) In the last picture, a discussion over whether it's too hot to continue schooling outside is underway.
The kids participated in an art camp this week with over twenty other kids from our church. They made the cutest giraffes. After class, our little ones enjoyed running in the big front yard of the art studio, and I got to chit chat with a couple of other homeschooling mommies. 

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What's Happening Outside:
We think J's (He's 5 years old.) big find might be a praying mantis egg case that has hatched. Anyone know for sure??
And, we have more babies!!! These cuties are blue bird nestlings. There were four eggs. We are hoping a fourth baby emerges from underneath soon. Our last blue bird brood had five eggs and only four hatched.

and inside...

I wrote about our big surprise of guppy fry this week, too!

We love to observe nature and learn all we can about the world God has created for us to enjoy ~ first hand. I wholeheartedly agree with Charlotte Mason's philosophy and the importance she places on Nature Study. She is one smart cookie in my opinion. For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School is one of my favorite books regarding Charlotte Mason's teachings, and a book I reread every summer.

Read Alouds: 
I have been wanting to read Sarah, Plain and Tall to the kids for a while now. I bought Sarah, Plain and Tall and the accompanying Progeny Press literature study guide at a used book sale last year. I love the way we are able to dig deep into the literature aspects of the book and also apply what we are learning to Biblical truths using Progeny Press' guide.

All three enjoyed the book. I cried a couple of times, and the discussions we had were priceless. I'll never forget my third grade teacher reading this gem to me...
093242: Sarah, Plain and Tall Progeny Press Study Guide Sarah, Plain and Tall Progeny Press Study Guide

We are now reading Ozma of Oz, the third of the fourteen or so books in the Wizard of Oz series. Did you know there are that many? I didn't know about any of them until a month ago! My favorite doctor and I had a discussion about read alouds at my last appointment. He said this and all of the Wizard Of Oz books were his wife's favorites. He read all of them aloud to their children, and they quickly became his children's favorites, too!

I got the whole Wizard of Oz Series, with original illustrations on sale for only 0.99 in the Kindle store!! It is linked and formatted beautifully, too. I am amazed it's only 0.99. (It's still on sale at the time of this posting.)

I've read over 160 pages in just four days from this one book!  It's a hit!

We are also reading Kingdom Tales. The first suggested read aloud from My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures, our spine for this year. (Scroll down on their page for the book with discussion questions.). We've read this book once before, about two years ago. Caraline remembers it well and adores it. The boys were a little young. This go-round they are totally into it! Our discussions during our readings are so sweet. Kingdom Tales will be a family treasure always.

Bible and Art:
All three are reviewing Notgrass' Draw to Learn. It's a Bible study that combines art beautifully. We've been using two of their studies. I can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!

The Rest of Our Week:

We enjoyed Family Fun Night at church. Instead of VBS we are having  a few family-friendly gatherings in the evenings.  The kids watched a couple of fun skits about forgiveness, sang and danced to a few songs, we went on a prayer walk around the church's lake together, played Frisbee and kickball, too - even Mommy got in on the fun. :)

The whole family went to see Despicable Me 2 one evening this week. This was my second time. Caraline and I had a Mommy Daughter date last week to see the movie. It was all I could do not to fall asleep! I was so tired. The boys loved it, and their laughter is contagious. Who can fall asleep with precious giggles right next to you?!

What's going on with my food allergies:

I had a doctor's appointment this week with a new allergist. She repeated my skin tests and is doing additional blood work. (I had forgotten how brutal a green, 21 gauge needle feels. Butterfly needles are my friend, even the blue, 22 gauge feels like a walk in the park compared to the green! Ok, I'll stop complaining now.) Good news is : I am eating "new" old foods without having any reactions. I think we've narrowed down what I need to stay away from. Instead of eight to ten foods to be cautious of I am down to just one to avoid completely! A prayer answered!!

We had a super sweet young lady watch our little ones while my husband went with me to the doctor. I am so thankful she was able to come over on such short notice! Ryan is looking forward to another game of Checkers very soon, Ms. A. =)

Ryan had another earache, but thankfully the cause wasn't his ears! A muscle in his throat was irritated and mimicking ear pain. He passed with flying colors another hearing test too! 

another homeschooling friend and her two little ones visited this week, too. It's always so good to catch up with my sweet friend.

A Little More About School:
I've realized that Jonathan (K) can do many of our Geography and Science lessons. He is able to answer questions and join in discussions like a big boy. This has been great since I find that "getting it all done" is difficult. Combining the three as much as possible is a huge time saver. I am still looking for my groove.
Working on Geography together

Working on a science project (close observation of a backyard habitat in a 1-square-yard area) together.
 And, my sweet husband gave Caraline another spelling test this week and checked over her math homework, too. I hope he realizes what a huge help he is to me. Not only is he our provider, but he helps around the house (does 99% of the laundry! and helps straighten up) and with school ~ I couldn't come close to getting what needs to be done without his help!

On the Blog:
We reviewed a super fun product for the Schoolhouse Review Crew this week, Picabook Yearbooks. Come on over and take a peek at what we created.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Picaboo Yearbooks ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

 photo 67706_520522131306078_514079593_n_zps2983de7c.jpg

A yearbook holds special memories that are forever keepsakes. What better way to document a year than to make a tailor made yearbook just for you - whether you are a homeschool family, school, sports team, or youth group and at an extremely affordable price, too!

Picaboo Yearbooks has come to our rescue. Using their web-based program, it's simple to create a high quality, professional 8 1/2 x 11 20 Page Softcover Yearbook  full of your favorite memories! (This is what we made; there is a hardcover option, 9 x 12 option, and the number of pages are customizable, too.)

One feature that makes Picaboo different from anything I've ever seen is the ability one has to create  personalized pages at the end of the school's (or other group's) yearbook. This is a phenomenal feature!

Check out this preview of an elementary yearbook. Pages 28-40 are personalized to one student. Any student that wishes to have their own section, can be given access to make it!

Picaboo provides many creative and beautiful examples on their website for inspiration. 

Another pretty cool feature is the ability to place QR codes in the yearbook.

 photo picabooyearbook_zps0e1af50a.jpg

How I Used Picaboo Yearbooks To Make Our Own, Personal Yearbook Of  Our Homeschool Memories:

 First, I watched the Getting Started demo video below found on Picaboo's website.

Then, I started going through the thousands (literally thousands) of pictures I had taken this year. I must say, for me, this was the most time consuming part of the whole process. (I now have a folder designated "Yearbook" on my desktop. My plan is to add my favorite photos to this folder as the year progresses, so that I don't have thousands to go through by the end of this next year! And to hopefully, work on it at least once a month during this new year.)

Next, with my husband's help, we planned what type of sections we wanted our yearbook to have. (This simply keeps the yearbook organized. The section names don't actually show up in the yearbook. Only the text you add to the pages do.) Then, I began creating the sections. Here is another helpful video I found while searching Youtube for tutorials. (Being a yearbook, individuals may be given access by the yearbook coordinator to specific sections. This way many people can contribute to the yearbook process.)

Uploading the pictures I wanted in each section was my next step. Figuring out which pictures I wanted in an individual section and moving them around took a while, too. Then, I had to decide if I wanted a page to have a certain layout or to be free form. I had fun playing around with the hundreds of different backgrounds (there's a plethora of fonts and stickers, too) available on Picaboo and even created one from my own picture.

I will say for me, there was a learning curve to figuring out how to use the program. It took me a good three hours of playing around in Picaboo to feel competent with the process. I kept wanting to hit the back arrow to back up - big mistake. Each time I would hit it, it would take me completely out of the program, and I'd have to completely log back in. Having to log in each time I re-entered the website was a bit annoying, but the end product is so worth that little hassle and my learning curve.

Once finished and all sections locked, ordering was simple. I made sure to choose the free option of an e-Book at checkout, too. We received the free e-Book of our yearbook via email. Now, the back cover page was blank in our e-Book, but I was assured that the problem was being worked on. They also assured me that our final, printed yearbook would have the back cover as I had designed it, and it did!  Picaboo estimated the fix for the back cover to the free e-Book would take only a few more weeks.

For me, the process of creating our twenty page yearbook took about 2 weeks, working on it from a few minutes to even a few hours each day. (This time frame, of course, is going to be different for each individual or group.) Picaboo states the yearbook will arrive within three weeks of ordering, and ours came in just under two!

Pricing: The cheapest option (and what we reviewed) is an 8 1/2 x 11, 20 page, Softcover Yearbook at only $8.49 each, plus shipping. (At the time of posting, one yearbook ships for $8.99 and shipping is free for an order over 50)  The yearbook price may be adjusted by the coordinator to reflect the project as a fundraiser if so desired, or you may keep the price at rock bottom.

Example Pages From Our Personal Yearbook of Memories:

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love our finished product! The size and professional quality of our yearbook is superb. I am looking forward to making one each year, with probably double the pages. Also, as a friend suggested, we will be ordering four each year ~ one for my husband and I, and one for each child to keep once they are all grown up.

It costs absolutely nothing to begin the yearbook process on their website. I would encourage you to go on and play around. The only time you are asked for payment is during the checkout process.

 ~Hope J.

 photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Have Guppy Babies!!!

Soon after getting home from church, we discovered a super big surprise! A very pregnant guppy mommy didn't look so pregnant anymore; she has given birth! These little guys are so tiny. It's difficult to spot them in our tank. I count seven, but don't hold me to that. There may be more.

When they are this tiny and translucent (I've magnified this picture significantly.) you can easily see their backbone. This little one was hiding out in the upper right hand corner of the rock structure.

Another picture of a little one hiding out.

They are smaller than most of the pebbles on the bottom of our tank! Can you spot the fry (baby fish)??

We purposefully have lots of places for the little guys to hide, so we don't try to separate the babies from the tank like other serious fish owners do.

What a wonderful discovery. Now to continue observing the fry with my excited little ones.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Our First Week Back to School

For a tour of our schoolroom, check out a Sneak Peek Into Our Classroom.
 School is back in session and I must say we've had a nice week. Jonathan is in kindergarten. Ryan is a second grader, and Caraline is a fourth grader. They are not so little anymore. They are growing up way too fast. I hear this all the time, and I've known for years that it's all too true.

We worked through the first three full days in My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures, deluxe package. MFW includes everything except English and Math which we also completed. We had a day of appointments which included dental cleanings for all three, vet appointments, and a trip to a local aquarium fish supplier, and a field trip day in Atlanta. Our first week back is always at slower pace.

Changing it up a bit...

As far as our normal lessons go, I did something new this year. I followed MFW's suggested outline for the order in which we complete each subject. The children loved having this structure. Before, I would list what needed to be accomplished for the day and have each little one complete their individual activities (English, Math, Spelling, Handwriting, Reading) in whatever order they chose and do our group activities when the timing seemed like a good fit. I thought it worked well this way, but this new structure might be working better.

Below is a picture from Day 1. In the top two pictures you'll find the kids filling out passport applications, writing out checks for their passports and labeling their envelops for "mailing."  We will be traveling the world this year.

Also pictured is Jonathan cutting out a spiral. He adores Kumon cutting workbooks and worked through quite a few pages this week. We also found a few breaks in the rain for a little PE and nature study, too. We have four blue bird eggs ready to hatch any day now! (I'll try to make a special post about how a typical day looks for us soon...I do have a Pinterest board with most of our curriculum choices.)

Daddy taught a Geography lesson this week. I don't have a picture, but he read from Maps and Globes, a book you can find on Amazon and demonstrated with an orange how map makers have a tough job making accurately proportioned maps of a round Earth. As suggested in MFW, he used an orange, with continents somewhat outlined by me with a Sharpie, to represent the Earth. He divided the peel into four sections, peeled it and laid the sections flat. He did an excellent job explaining! On another day, he gave Caraline a spelling test. I hope he continues to want to teach what's in my teaching plans, (He already teaches other valuable lessons everyday.) when he's available; he's an excellent teacher!

I think the above picture is a good representation of how exhausted we all were by Wednesday night. The girls had just gotten back from the vet. Little Betsy reacted poorly to the anesthesia and the doc had to completely abort the surgery (spay) the day before. She was absolutely fine once the anesthesia wore off, thank goodness. Our big girl Sandy did great and handled the surgery with no problems. Our vet kept both of them a total of 36 hours just to make sure they were both ok.

We felt lost with the dogs gone. Caraline commented on how empty our house and backyard felt without them. It was so good to have our girls healthy and back home. We have medicine to give to both twice a day for the next week. Then we will just have Betsy's eye drops for cataracts to give twice a day.


I just love this mama, baby and teepee Caraline made out of a paper towel she colored brown with a marker, tape and writing paper. Her creativity amazes me.

Mommy, Daughter Time
Caraline and I had a mother daughter date one evening. We went to the movies and watched Despicable Me, 2. It was a cute movie. Caraline would tell you there is too much love in it, as in all sequels...The time together though is what we valued most. It's special and so important to make individual time with our little ones.

Field Trips!

GA Aquarium
Friday we spent the day in Atlanta. We had originally planned to start our day at the zoo, but it was extremely crowded. We couldn't find a reasonable parking place so we continued on to the aquarium. Jonathan LOVES the tomato frog, and they just happen to have one. I got a map of the aquarium and had the little ones practice their map reading skills in between exhibits.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History was our next stop. Our membership expires this month and we needed to use our IMAX tickets. We chose to see the documentary Under the Sea on the BIG screen. The kids enjoyed it a lot, especially since the screen was mega sized!
They said no flash photography, so I think that means it's ok to take a picture as long as the flash is off. This is one of the last scenes in the forty-five minute movie. My iPhone would only capture about 50% of the screen, but this face...oh, this little face is so adorable!

We spent the majority of the rest of our stay in the Sensing Nature Exhibit. One could easily spend hours playing with all the cool experiments.

The first picture is just outside the museum. This is a ritual for the kids. They must step on the dino feet. They've been doing this since our very first visit - Caraline was four, Ryan two and Jonathan a tiny baby being carried in a sling. The rest are from the Sensing Nature exhibit.
 More of the Sensing Nature exhibit and the bottom two are from an Animal Encounter lesson. Jonathan asked many good questions and answered many, too. His communication skills, at just five years old, are very well developed. And he isn't shy. All three answered questions. I am a super proud mama.

Once back home, we picked up the fish we ordered earlier in the week. We hope to have baby guppies and Mickey Mouse platys soon! They are live bearers and having these little guys as part of our schoolroom makes for many wonderful teaching moments.

This picture from the back of the local fish supplier's store warms my heart. I love my children.

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