Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Giveaway, a Fabulous $5 Sale and Manuscript Curriculum Picks!

I was on Christianbook.com last night ordering a few more pieces of curriculum for next month - wow, has time flown by!

While looking around, I found a couple of great deals, and a nice giveaway I thought I'd share with you all! The giveaway that's going on right now is for this really cute
602979: HCSB UltraThin Reference Bible, Pink & Brown Simulated Leather HCSB UltraThin Reference Bible in Pink & Brown Simulated Leather
The giveaway ends on June 30, 2013.

AND, these great $5 deals! One of my favorite books, Not a Fan, is on the list! Plus, a lot of VeggieTales DVD's, too!

While I was searching to make this post, I found another great deal I wish I'd seen last night. This one is currently only 0.50! We have the free Kindle version of Elsie Dinsmore, and I have a feeling Caraline, a new fourth grader, would love this literature study to go along with the book. Here's the product description.

822022: Elsie and Me: A Study in Christian Literature,  Student Workbook Elsie and Me: A Study in Christian Literature, Student Workbook

There's so much more in Elsie Dinsmore than meets the eye! Dig deep into the meanings and lessons written into the classic children's book with Elsie and Me: A Reading Companion to Elsie Dinsmore. Leveled vocabulary lessons, comprehension short-answer questions, literature analysis studies, and a personal challenge are given for each chapter. 79 pages, softcover. Page-numbers in the book are referenced. Grades 4 & up.

So, what did I pick up last night?

Well, I ordered a Bible story dot to dot and handwriting books for the boys. I've used A Reason for Handwriting in the past and I really like their approach to teaching manuscript. I think the boys will enjoy the super quick lessons, too.

Here's the links and descriptions for what I purchased:

785624: A Reason for Handwriting, Level K, Complete Homeschool Set A Reason for Handwriting, Level K, Complete Homeschool Set

By A Beginning Advantage

A Reason for Handwriting provides a fun, meaningful approach to developing effective handwriting skills. Enforcing context, children will learn how letters are part of words. Each lesson includes guidelines for writing the letter, as well as an illustration and accompanying word that includes that lesson's letter. Children practice the letter, color the picture and complete tracing the dots that make up the word for a fun, complete handwriting lesson.
This Level K book features instruction on how to properly form letters with guidelines, how to hold a pencil, correct posture, tracing letters and lines, and more. Practice sheets provide room to trace letters before writing them individually. 144 pages, softcover.
This included teacher's guide includes instruction for all A Reason for Handwriting books, from Grades K-6. Within each book, additional lesson information is given for each chapter, including the lesson focus, directions for performing the writing, teaching tips, and extended teaching. Student page numbers are referenced. 252 pages, softcover.


78539X: A Reason For Handwriting: Manuscript B--Student Worktext, Grade 2 A Reason For Handwriting: Manuscript B--Student Worktext, Grade 2

The pages of this fun workbook feature manuscript handwriting based on scripture verses. Verses are chosen not only for the correct letter combinations, but also for inspirational content. The treehouse is transposed onto the beginning of each line of the manuscript ruled pages and is used as a guide for students to learn the proper sizing and spacing of letters.
After the introductory review lessons are complete, students begin a schedule of lessons that include daily writing practice of selected words in the "Scripture of the week." On Day 4 the student writes the complete verse and then on Day 5 they copies it onto a border sheet from the back of the workbook.
Border sheets are outlined with wonderful black-line drawings and graphics that students can color to decorate their handwritten verse. They are wonderful "treats" for grandparents or shut-ins, aunts and uncles or friends to receive in the mail. Your young student will have an opportunity to spread the gospel and send a smile to someone they love.

And, since all of my little ones love to connect the dots, to color and stickers! I thought this was a perfect FUN activity for them!
473616: Dot To Dot, Coloring and Stickers 2 Dot To Dot, Coloring and Stickers 2

Create you own Bible story scenes by connecting the dots, coloring in the pictures, and finding where the stickers go! Each of the 16 pages has a partly colored dot to dot picture to complete, as well as various spaces to place stickers from the 2 pages of stickers found at the center of the book. A short explanation and question about the Bible story appears at the bottom of the page, along with a reference that points to the applicable Scripture reference. Ideal for Sunday school prize giving, holiday clubs, and group activities. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

OK.There's only a few more things I need to round up for our next school year. One, is deciding on a spelling program for Caraline and Ryan...

How is your planning for the next school year coming along??


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