Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Highlights: A Prayer Answered and Our Babies are Here!

Weekly Highlights: April 29 - May 3

We have three tiny bluebird babies! Two have yet to hatch! It is so much fun watching bluebird parents work together to raise their little ones. It's equally exciting to watch the little ones grow so quickly. In just over two weeks, these little ones will be ready to fledge. (We stop looking in the nest around day 14. We don't want to spook them and cause them to leave the nest early.) ~ The little ones typically fledge between days 16-22.

 And this is Jonathan's prayer answered! We haven't seen toads or frogs in our yard for probably over a year. He has been faithfully praying for toads or frogs to re-inhabit our backyard. Not only did he find one this week, but he found TWO!! What a wonderful way for Jonathan to see first hand how prayers are answered. His little smile says it all!

This week marked the end of Awana for the kids. I am extremely proud to announce Caraline, Ryan and Jonathan finished their handbooks! This is not an easy, peasy feat. Each one worked diligently, because they wanted to, to finish their books!
Caraline receiving her T&T Handbook 1 Award!

Ryan was in charge of the American Flag Pledge the night he received his Sparks Handbook #2 Award! This picture was taken a few weeks ago. He finished super early!

Parents were invited to Jonathan's Cubbies class for the last performance of their club pledges and songs. And the culmination of all the Cubbies hard work ~ the awards ceremony!  This took place on the last night of club.

For a special treat third grade clubbers and up, who finish their handbooks, get to participate in Destination Unknown. It's a super secret five hour reward that includes lots of fun, team work and friendship building in small groups. Caraline was so happy to have been invited to Destination Unknown! She was a little apprehensive at first because no other third grade girl finished their handbook this year. She was worried about being the only girl in her grade level. So, I did call and talk to the Awana leader under the utmost secrecy about what would be happening during those five hours (and to volunteer as a chaperone). Being the mommy I am, I would've called to get the scoop anyway and volunteer to help out ---

What I heard was very exciting and I knew Caraline would have a BLAST! She would be in a group of all girls, albeit older girls (2 fifth graders and a female chaperone she knows well) -  she is so mature for her age, we thought this would work out perfectly anyway. Hearing that I knew what would be happening, that her daddy and I approved and that she would be in a group of all girls helped settle her fears. In the days to come her excitement and anticipation of destination unknown grew by leaps and bounds!

Our official school year is over, but we of course are still learning. The kids are living outside from sunup to sundown, playing and exploring and observing nature. We are finishing up Charlotte's Web, Ryan is almost finished with Reading Eggs, Caraline is working through MathRider's timed math drills, and both are continuing to work through their Saxon Math workbooks. Jonathan unofficially began Kindergarten this week, and I didn't take any pictures!

And of course of review items, Prima Latina, Christianity Cove, Logo Adventures and Birdcage Press. We are having a lot of fun with each of these! I can't wait to share our experiences with you in June!

Caraline and Ryan are continuing their music lessons each week. They are also finishing up their last couple of weeks of gymnastics for the year. We typically participate in gymnastics in the summer months, but this year we are taking a break. ~ Jonathan had been doing Kindergym for a couple of years and finally had enough about a month ago. We went ahead and pulled him out of lessons. He was so ready to move up to the bigger boy class, but there weren't any openings.

~ Without getting into to much detail, this was a tough week for me physically and mentally. I was still uncertain about which foods were OK  to eat and which were not and it was taking its toll on me. (I had a couple of anaphylatic reactions to food and could feel smaller reactions happening with many different but regular food choices from the past that I would try. I kept telling my doctors, please tell me it's panic attacks- please. And they wouldn't. They all thought it was true food allergies, but I was at my wits' end.)  I'd lost eight pounds in a little over a week and a half, and I was trying very hard to rely on God and prayer to get me through.

I started reading Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus by Kyle Idleman along with my Bible Study of James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore and both were/are really resonating with me. These two studies truly go hand in hand. Couple that with our Bible Study group from church and all the sweet friends that are offering encouragement and prayer, and knowing in my heart I have God on MY side ~ and knowing that through trials I will become stronger and trials always work out for the good for those that love Him. I am finding peace and comfort.


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    1. Thank you for all of your encouragement and prayers through all of this. I appreciate you and am so thankful for our friendship. =)


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