Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Highlights: Nature, Nature, Nature!

May 6- 10

 This week we have enjoyed our backyard. I find I am much more at peace when I am outside enjoying God's creation. The weather has been so very nice. It's not nearly as hot as it usually is in May in the deep south. It's been wonderful.
And, I love watching my husband play with our little ones and our  four legged little ones. Watching them have so much fun playing warms my heart and brings me much joy! I want to hold tight to these precious memories and these days. No matter how my body feels, I find such happiness being with the family God has richly blessed me with. I am so thankful.
 Jonathan loves to dig in the dirt for snails, slugs, rolly pollies, worms and rocks! As long as there is dirt with little creatures, he will play for hours!
Another favorite photo from this week.

 Our little blue birds are growing. Unfortunately, two of the five eggs have not hatched.We've never had this happen. It's sad, but it is a part of life in this fallen world. What will it be like when all is restored to perfect? Caraline and I talk about that a lot. I love her heart and the talks we have about Heaven.
 Ryan made a very big discovery! The bluebird parents are very good housekeepers. They discard the hatched shells away from the nest and Ryan found TWO of the three in our backyard!
Way to go, Ryan!! Great discovery!
 Here is another surprise. A titmouse family has taken up residence in a birdhouse that has been empty for at least two years. This is a family we will let be. In my experience, they don't tolerate human interference as well as bluebirds. This will be our only peek into their house. We do enjoy watching the mom and dad diligently work together to feed their sweet little family.
 And our strawberries are coming along nicely, especially considering I give them zero attention.

 And we spot this little family quite often on our drive towards town. It's so much fun seeing a goose family while reading Charlotte's Web!

The end of this week brought my precious mother and father-in-law to our house for a quick visit. I had an EGD scheduled at the hospital, and they came down to stay with our precious ones during the procedure. We enjoyed their two and a half day visit- and it's never, ever long enough.

As far as school, we are enjoying our review items and taking a break from everything else- since our official year is OVER!
  • Prima Latina the full kit and caboodle. I can tell you studying Latin would not be as easy if we didn't have the lessons on DVD. The kids are learning so much! I am looking forward to writing this review!
  • Birdcage Press' Baby World Animals card game is educational and fun! This has been a wonderful treat for all of us!
  • Logo Adventures is fun way to learn computer programing language. Caraline adores this program and I can see her reasoning skills are being challenged and developed in a fabulous way. This is another big hit!
  • And we are loving two quality products from Christianity Cove. Bible Science Experiments which are so easy to do and the way the authors tie in the experiment to a Bible truth is absolutely genius. We are also working through Daily Dilemmas-26 True-to-Life  Devotions for Kids. I can say that the answers to the problems presented aren't always black and white. Even I have learned a great deal from these devotions. Both are perfect for not only Sunday Schools but home schools and just families in general too.
 Next week we will begin Caraline's first standardized test--- and on the 11th Caraline will finally be able to enjoy Destination Unknown, a big reward for finishing her T&T (Awana) handbook! I will save that for the next Weekly Highlights.



  1. What a fun week! Hope you are feeling better! I love you all!

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