Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekly Highlights: Sponsored Children, Wild Animal Safari and a Talent Show

Highlights from March 25-29 ~ The week I lost my voice.

Field Trip!
We had an impromptu field trip this week. We were going to try a new PE class, but once there we discovered it had been cancelled. To say the kids were bummed is certainly an understatement. This is something Ryan especially had been looking forward to. So, I asked them where they'd like to go for fun and the answer was unanimous, Wild Animal Safari! That is how our field trip for this week was born.

and, here is our cool zebra ride!

and check out this New Guinea Singing Dog!

I had hoped to pack two field trips into this day. We'd just finished reading the 26 Fairmount Avenue series (which is fabulous by the way!), and FDR was mentioned quite a bit in the later books. His birthplace isn't far from this zoo, but we spent nearly five hours at Wild Animal Safari. Needless to say, we did not make it to Warm Springs, GA on this day. We will need to plan specifically for an adventure to the Little White House.

 We completed two reviews recently. One for Math U See, Alpha and the other for A Journey Through Learning - The Earth.  They are both neat products.

In addition to our regular studies,we are currently working on the following review items: Math Rider, Progeny Press, and Supercharged Science

Compassion International and World Vision:

We sent gifts to both of our sponsored children this week.

The first child we sponsored was through World Vision, and she lives in Tanzania. Her name is Amina. We've heard that many don't have pictures of themselves, so we printed off and laminated two pictures of Amina that she and her grandmother (who she lives with) can keep. Everything for Amina had to fit into a 6 x 9 envelope. This meant the puzzle we bought for her had to be taken out of it's box and placed into a Ziploc bag. I copied the front of the puzzle box and then laminated it. We included an Easter card, many stickers and coloring pages for Amina. Not pictured is a personal letter we sent in her package. We had other things to send to her, but they didn't fit. We'll save those for next time. We are still getting used to how to send packages.

Her birthday is coming up soon. We plan to donate money so that all of the little ones with birthdays in July can have a combined party for the whole village full of games, food and presents. We will also send an extra little gift to her in the mail, along with a singing birthday card.

Compassion International:

Melany is our second sponsored child, and she lives in Ecuador. The envelope we can send to her is 8 1/2 x 11. So, we were able to fit almost everything we bought in her package. The packages for Compassion are sent directly to Colorado first and then they forward them on to the child.  This is what we were able to fit in Melany's envelope (not pictured is a puzzle and a personal letter.)
(I had forgotten about being able to send band-aids for Amina. I have those set out and ready to go to her for next time!)

Also, for Compassion children puzzles must be fully assembled in a Ziploc bag and then placed into the envelope. This is how we accomplished that:

We put little dot stickers on the front of the assembled puzzle first. Then we flipped it over and put dot stickers all over the back, flipped it back over and took the dot stickers off of the front. Next, we slipped it in a Ziploc bag with a laminated copy of the front of the puzzle box. Finally, we taped the Ziploc bag closed.

Co-op and a Talent Show:
We had our last day of co-op for the year this week. Daddy came to class with us, too!

I had no voice left by Thursday, just a squeak. Thankfully, my friend and co-teacher, Mary could do all the speaking this last day.

There was a talent show after the last class. Caraline signed Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin for the show. It was beautiful. We have a lot of talented little ones in our group!

After co-op, our boys and few others stayed outside and played kickball - for nearly two hours. They had the best time.

~ I can't believe this school year is winding down. We begin our new studies in July and finish up in April. We are almost there! I will have a kindergartner and second grader and fourth grader! My how time flies.


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