Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Highlights: Family and Fishing!

The week of April 1, 2013

This week we enjoyed beautiful weather which meant LOTS of schooling outside! It makes for a great opportunity to observe our busy little bird friends during their homemaking season. And we are able to watch spring appear before our very eyes. Makes me happy that we can be outside learning from our lesson books and learning from nature, too. And, there's nothing like watching pollen dust clouds roll through the backyard. That yellow green haze is a sight to behold!

Ryan is enjoying his guitar lessons. His instructor bragged on how well Ryan is progressing in this first month of lessons. He said that Ryan is a natural (like father like son) and is progressing and understanding faster than some of his beginning seventh grade students. A mama just has to share such good news!

We also took a super big field trip to my hometown to visit family and to fish, fish, fish!!

Here are lots of pictures from our weekend!
Jonathan and a very large brim

My dad and Ryan

Fishing at my dad's - and playing in the water. All three enjoyed getting wet. It was a hot day in south Alabama!

Most of the crew going down to another family member's pond to fish.

Ryan reeling in a bass!

Jonathan's big bass! Uncle Brock went into the water to get him.
I love that my girl is country at heart, just like her mama.
Aunt Kristin and our sweet little cousin AnnaLynn with her big catch! She didn't want to touch her fish at first, but the next fish that was caught she carried it over all by herself to the ice chest! ~ Pretty dress, flip flops and all! Proud of my girl!!

Most of the fish we caught this weekend we released to stock a new pond. The others we just threw back.

Here the kids are helping Uncle Brock feed the fish. The kids released 23 brim, 4 bass and a few dozen tadpoles!

And here is my favorite video of Jonathan catching a fish with my dad:

Getting serious for the first time:

Though we may think something that has happened is a bad thing, God certainly uses all things to bring about His good. This weekend was proof of this.  I can't be completely transparent about my feelings, but I will try my best.

My mom and dad have been divorced since I was 12. The first ten years of their divorce their relationship was not friendly, and it was not easy on us (my brother, sister and I) to see this. But then, there was a period of almost two years where dynamics changed, and they were friendly again. Life was much simpler for us (the children). But then, the dynamics changed yet again and one of my parents wasn't welcome around the other anymore. Such a huge shame!!  Now, through another divorce, life is simpler again - for us. My mom and dad can be around one another without issue! This is the way it should've always been.... I have seen divorced parents "do" divorce beautifully and now, my parents and our family is one of these great examples. My mom has been welcome to everything on my dad's side of the family, and my dad has been welcome to everything on my mom's side of the family, for the children and grandchildren's sake!! Life is much simpler for all of us and it's joyful! My parents have seen the damage that not being welcome at the same gatherings (or not welcome at one of the parent's home) causes the children and grandchildren ~ and have vowed it will NEVER happen again!

This had to be one of the best weekends ever. It would've been the best period had my sister and her family been in town, too. But we've had other gatherings with ALL of us present. Life is GOOD!



  1. Sweet.... Had a great time w/ you all! Love you all!

    1. So glad we can all be together again as a family. I am so proud GOD works miracles, even after more than twenty years of being divorced. I really regret that divorce has caused so many heartaches and problems for our children. Hopefully we can make up for lost times. :) So thankful our grandchildren can know what it is like to have Nana and Pa with them at the same time... :) Love you so much!

  2. Hope -- I'm so happy to read this. Unfortunately right now we are seeing divorce not done well in my family (you know the situation) and it breaks my heart for the children involved. While it doesn't affect my kids DIRECTLY, they watch this and it impacts their relationships with other family members. It's also hard to explain to them why one family member just doesn't exist anymore. It breaks my heart to watch everything.

    You are such a sweet mother, daughter, granddaughter, and friend -- Grant told me Thursday that "Miss Hope is the nicest mom I know." -- now that's high praise ;-)

  3. oops -- I forgot to add sweet wife to that list!


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