Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Highlights: The End of Our Official Year!!

Weekly Highlights: April 15 - 19

All classwork was done outside this week! It was gorgeous weather! And, there was always a certain little black and white cutie curled up in a lap during math worksheet time.

We do a lot of fun supplemental learning throughout the year, so when our 180 official days are complete, we have a few more pages in our regular textbooks to complete. I do this purposefully so that we really are schooling year round. From the middle of April until the first of July we usually school 2-3 days a week, taking full weeks off at a time, too. This system works for us.

To celebrate our last official day of school, we spent the afternoon at Fernbank Museum of Natural History.
And learning continues, even though our 180 days are complete and turned in to the state!

We are still working on our read aloud, Charlotte's Web.

Caraline got a really neat review item this week. It's called Logo Adventures. It's a computer programing class, and she is loving it! I bet she spent two hours playing around with the program after our fist lesson! And continues to play around with it on her own time.

Caraline read Wild Thing (Winnie the Horse Gentler, Book 1).
She reads books all the time and usually so quickly I can't keep up! But, this one she especially enjoyed so I thought I would mention it in our weekly wrap up.

And I have a giveaway going on right now on the blog. Another Hope, =)  Hope Auer, author of  "A Cry From Egypt" will be graciously gifting one of our readers with an autographed copy of her fabulous book. Please head on over and enter!

Have you noticed I haven't been around much on social media for the past week and a half?
Well, this has actually been a tough week for me. I had a serious (very scary) allergic reaction to food (thankful a neighbor was home to take me to Urgent Care and to help with the kids) and I've been really dragging for most of the week. It happened twice ( Marty was home the second time to take me to Urgent Care), one week apart. I met with an allergist and we are waiting on the results of some blood tests. I am praying for a definite allergen to be found so that I won't be so on edge each time I eat. The allergist confirmed I had anaphylactic reactions both times and now I have epi pens and an emergency plan in place for the kids. Say a prayer for me and my family please.


  1. Outside school sounds so fun!! Hope you are feeling better! Love you!


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