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Weekly Highlighs: Family, Fishing, Lapbooks and a Superior Piano Rating!

Last week (March 9 - 14, 2013) was completely full of fun, friends and family!

Saturday Highlights, Federation: 
Just before Federation

Caraline participated in Federation, a piano judging festival. This was her first year participating, and she was completely excited to preform two memorized solo pieces (Mystery at Blackwater Creek and A Merry March) for her judge.  She ranked the very best, Superior! We are so proud of her (and her teacher, of course, too!)!

Daddy, our guitarist, sat in a judging room as a monitor and absolutely loved hearing the students play, and hearing how the judges handle encouraging the students and giving constructive criticism. He is looking forward to monitoring next year!

Below is a video of Caraline performing Mystery at Blackwater Creek after Federation.

Highlights from the Rest of the Week!


My dad visited for a few hours early in the week. We love that even though he lives in another state, we get to see him often because of the flexibility in the territories he can visit while traveling with his job. Before, he might have passed through our area quickly, but now he is able to sit back for a few minutes and enjoy a leisurely visit with us! The picture above shows the kids with my dad. We met at our favorite lake with a nice little playground area.

Lapbooking Highlighs:

This week we worked on two lapbooks. One for a review, and the other as part of our normal studies.

For our regular studies, I broke out our Five in a Row guide and Bible Supplement. I headed over to Homegrown Learners' Five in a Row inspiration board and found everything I needed to begin,  A Pair of Red Clogs with the kids.

The last picture in the collage shows the little ones playing a memory game (from Homeschool Share) with different colored clogs! *Hint: Definitely print the game out on card stock as recommended, otherwise the colors bleed through regular printer paper and there's not much memory work required. Now, Ryan and Jonathan weren't so sure if they enjoyed the story, but Caraline LOVED it! All three had fun making their lapbooks.

Our next lapbook, I've mentioned before, it's from A Journey Through Learning. It's all about our planet, Earth. The kids can tell you the four spheres of that comprise the Earth, the different layers of the Earth and lots of other neat Earth facts thanks to AJTL. They look forward to Earth science with this curriculum.
We had a few friends visit this week. One sweet little girl that is Caraline's age came over to view a Supercharged Science webinar on Alternative Energy. Her mom and two little brothers came over, too! And, another mom friend came over with her two precious little boys! We have to make time for our friends. This is so important- not only for the children, but for the mommies, too!
Nature Exploration Highlights:

I love Charlotte Mason's ideas on Nature Study. We spent a good 12 hours this week at our favorite creek/pond area and countless hours outside in our own backyard. If it's a pretty day, class is held outside! If the kids want a 10 minute break between subjects and we aren't already outside, they spend that break outside- even if it's raining, even if it's cold as everything, because they want to!

This week we enjoyed a little bit of fishing at our favorite spot. Even though we didn't catch a thing, the peacefulness of the still water, the sweet talks, the togetherness, the fun of being in the sunshine and exploring creation is certainly time well spent. Catching fish is fun, but the real joy is found in spending time together.

A friend of mine, Ms. Judy,  has this saying in her house: "Many people fish all their lives, never realizing it was not really fish they were after!" How true is this statement?! ~ Ms. Judy is full of wisdom.
Read Aloud Highlights: 

Another Homegrown Learner's pick. We read the first THREE Tomie DePaola books in the 26 Fairmount Avenue series this week. They are hilarious! This is a series all the children beg for "just one more chapter"(that's how we finished three this week!), over and over again! It's a big hit.

Math Highlights:

Caraline is loving a new computer program we are reviewing called Math Rider. It's designed to help master math facts. She likes that it's "goes to problem to problem quickly" so she has to "think a lot" and that she "gets to do quests". (There is a free one week trial offered on the Math Rider website.

Co-op Highlights:
My mom, sister, niece and nephew joined us this week at co-op! It was so much fun showing off what we do each week. My niece is four and accompanied Jonathan to both of his classes, and my nephew is a fourth grader and accompanied Caraline to both of her classes. My mom and sister visited each little one in their respective classes. It was so FUN, so much fun that I didn't get a chance to take ANY pictures.

I need to make a separate blog post about all the other actives we got into with our family visiting over the weekend: a birthday party with ponies, a biblical times marketplace with a camel ride, an Easter Egg hunt and more fishing. - It was GREAT! But, I think I will save it for another day!

~ Hope

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