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Math U See - Alpha ~ Schoolhouse Review

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I've always been curious about Math-U-See. I have heard nothing but great things from our friends that use MUS as their primary math source. So, when I found out we were chosen to review Math-U-See Alpha, I was completely excited and ready to give their newly updated Alpha program a try with my first grader! Math-U-See is not based on your child's grade, it's based on skill level of mastery. (There is a placement test available that will help flesh out what level your child would benefit from beginning. However, if used sequentially, Primer would be used in kindergarten, and Alpha is first grade and so on.)
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Alpha focuses on:
  • single digit addition and subtraction to mastery
  • place value (units or ones, tens and hundreds)
  • counting to 100
  • algebra (solving for an unknown)
  • geometry (shapes-circles, triangles and squares)
  • skip counting (2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s) 
  • telling time by hours and minutes 
  • fractions (halves and fourths) 
  • measuring length by repeating units
  • and word problems

A fairly big brown box arrived at our front door and this is what we found inside!! ~ Everything we needed to be successful with MUS Alpha!(We received a Beta version. The covers of the booklets will be more like the photo above, not black and white like the photo below. I've also just learned that the workbooks will be three hole punched and perforated. Our Beta version was not.) 


If you noticed in the first picture, you'd have to work patiently to get the manipulatives to fit in the box after taking them out each time. So, I went to our local craft/hobby store and bought this scrap booking bin. It is perfect for our manipulatives! 
Overview of our first lesson and more:
That very evening we began Lesson 1. But first, I looked over the teacher's Instruction Manual, which goes through how to teach each lesson similarly to how the video teaches the lesson. It typically goes into more detail than the DVD with games and teaching hints. I would say it is a very valuable piece to the lessons.  I decided we would begin at the beginning. This curriculum uses terminology and manipulatives that are a little different from what we are used to. To get the most out of MUS Alpha, I chose to begin with Lesson 1. (I also really wanted to see how my new five year old would understand the first couple of lessons.) Next, I popped in the DVD. The first part was an introduction to MUS for the teacher and child. There wasn't enough "action" to keep my little ones from fidgeting a lot in the beginning. But, we kept watching and got to what was truly Lesson 1, and that was very interesting and they were actively engaged.
A Decimal Street poster came with each set of manipulative blocks. Two sets will be exactly what one child will need. (Ryan and Jonathan had to take turns sharing the hundred blocks for this activity in Lesson 1.) Lesson 1 is all about place value and manipulatives. I have to say that even though this lesson was a review for Ryan, the different approach (the blocks are new to us) and terminology helped cement the concept for him. Decimal Street is a cute way of showing everybody has their own place and Mr. Demme introduces a new way of referring to the tens place numbers. (I thought the new terminology for tens was strange, but I didn't say a word about how I felt.) Ryan caught on after watching the video a second time and us working through a practice page. Jonathan, our preschooler, had fun watching the first video and trying out the Decimal Street poster with his brother. He isn't quite ready for this level, he should be a Primer anyway, but I just wanted to see how he would do. ~ I catch him paying attention to Ryan's video lessons. And, 90% of the time he will sit on the train table (what we use for a desk while watching the video) and play with the blocks while Ryan and I work on the workbook pages. The blocks keep Jonathan very quiet!

Ryan and I worked our way fairly quickly through the next seven lessons, watching the video usually twice on different days. We used the student workbook each math day, but since the first eight lessons are review for Ryan, we would just do one Lesson Practice page, at least one Enrichment page and then, the Systemic Review, and finally the test. That was plenty (probably overboard) for a nice review, but taught with a different twist.

I will add that the student workbook is bulky, it's 447 pages. We found it trying to get the book to stay open on the page we were working on. We had to find heavy paper weights to keep our Beta version from flipping over on us. It might be worth it to have the student workbook unbound and put in a binder. Just a thought.Your version will be hole punched and perforated, so you may not have this issue. And, the manipulatives can be a tricky to pull apart, especially the 100 blocks.

Lesson 9, the lesson that was new to Ryan:

Here we are working on Lesson 9: Addition: +9, Mental Math. This whole Lesson 9, teacher's manual, video, worksheets, application and enrichment pages, tests - everything for Lesson 9 is online. You must check it out! There is also a Table of Contents for Alpha on this page, too!

It only took viewing the video once and working through two practice pages for my little one to catch on and be able to recite his nine facts without hesitation! I was so proud of him (and Math U See!)! He really loved making the slurping vacuum sound. You just have to watch the video. =)

Student Workbook shots:

What do we think:

I have to say MUS - Alpha is a good fit for my little guy. It takes no prep time on my part and is quick (Charlotte Mason would be proud.) and so far, a fun way to learn math. I think this would be a great resource for a teacher that doesn't want to spend a lot of time preparing for a math lesson and for a student that needs a short lesson.

Fun Fact:
I did peek ahead to subtraction, and I have to say they way Mr. Demme teaches subtracting from a "teen" number is genius. I won't spill the beans, but I taught the trick to my nine year old and she thinks MUS is pretty cool, too.

Math-U-See Alpha: Instruction Pack with DVD - $43 (Instruction Manual and DVD)
Math-U-See Alpha: Student Pack- $30 (Student Workbook and Tests booklet)
Manipulative set- $38 each


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Weekly Highlights: Lots of Birthdays, an Anniversary and Ponies!

This week my husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on the same day our first son turned 7! Two days later, our baby boy turned 5 and our little Boston Terrier, Betsy, turned 2! Whew! Talk about celebrations to last the whole week long!! And boy did we ever celebrate!

First things first:

Caraline's fairy tale- she finished!:

If you remember from a previous post, right after we finished reading The Princess and the Goblin, Caraline set out to write her own fairy tale. She had planned to give her story to her cousins that would be visiting less than two weeks later- this past weekend! She worked very hard and finished her 43 page (complete with illustrations for every page) fairy tale, Prunella and the Adventure.

She was especially proud of this illustration, Princess Prunella riding her horse up to the mean ice cream man's cottage. It's not easy drawing from the perspective of above and behind, as my husband pointed out!

The Market Place!

When all of our family arrived, we set out on a voyage for a Biblical times marketplace! We began our journey in the present, but as we traveled through the Bermuda Triangle, our ship went back in time! It was a very cute presentation and our two littlest got to help our tour guide with the directions of our quest! ( A local church puts this amazing production together each year FREE to the public! This was our first year attending, although we've always heard such wonderful things about it!)

My phone died soon after arriving, so I don't have pictures of the kids riding the camel!, making jewelry and perfume, exploring musical instruments, making pottery, weaving cloth, using an olive press to make olive oil, meeting Roman soldiers, visiting the petting zoo where the precious little calf licked Jonathan's cheek! I know I am leaving out other activities... But, we stayed about an hour and a half and closed the place down! We wished we had gotten there earlier, because could have easily spent two hours or more there!
Here are the pictures I did get a chance to take. The boys fishing, after speaking to "the apostle Paul" and the older two making a Dreidel. I wish I had a picture of the actual market place to share!

We will certainly make an appearance again next year, right at the opening hour! I wouldn't be surprised if we closed it down again! It was a wonderful learning experience for all of us!

Easter Eggs!

The next day, (after a huge barbeque feast!) we colored Easter Eggs and had an Easter Egg hunt! My dad came up with a great idea for smocks. Can you tell what they are? Plastic trash bags! Is that a great idea or what?! Just a hole at the bottom for their little heads and one hole on each side for their arms. Genius!

We had nine cups, each with a different variation of the three primary colors. It was a wonderful color theory study! ~ Not a formal lesson, but a valuable one nonetheless! The end result was beautiful!!

Later, the little ones went fishing at our favorite little fishing hole and enjoyed a cool treat at a local yogurt shop!


The next day, we celebrated the boys' birthdays with PONIES! We had two ponies come to our house for TWO hours! It was fabulous! And, the kids were given riding lessons to boot and got to trot (their favorite part) quite a bit with the ponies, too!

Afterwards, we enjoyed cake and not just any cake, a special, homemade chocolate cake baked by the kids' great-grandmother Peggy and ice cream. We played pin the tail on the donkey, a Power Rangers game and had a fun (and wet!) water gun fight!

That evening, we stuffed ourselves with another homemade feast and enjoyed looking at the stars, our moon and Jupiter and its four moons through our telescope.

We hated to see our family leave.

Ryan's Big Day! (and my husband and I's anniversary!)

Monday was Ryan's big 7th birthday! We like to give the kids an opportunity to choose an activity just for their birthday. He chose to go to our favorite nature area and spend a few hours there. Thankfully, the rain held off enough for us to do some great exploring and discovering. We found THREE snapping turtles and a lots of pretty little blue butterflies. The kids experimented with evaporation. They painted with creek water using different types of sticks, twigs, and grasses too.

We had heard the The Lost Medallion was a great movie, but maybe a little scary for tender hearts. Ryan loves thrill and excitement, and the message is a good one. So he and Daddy went to the theater see it together. ~ By the way, they both loved it!

Near the time when their movie should be ending, a hail storm passed over our area, including our house. We were so thankful for the moment our two precious ones walked through the door safe and sound. Another prayer answered!

Prayer Journal:
Do you keep a prayer journal with a section devoted to answered prayers? I did this for a few years in college (why did I ever stop??). It is a wonderful, tangible way to see that through Jesus and with the help of the Holy Spirit our prayers are heard by God, and God is faithful to answer- the answer might take years or merely minutes, and may not be exactly what you expected but it does come! I plan to start researching with the kids about prayer and what the Bible says specifically about prayer using primarily our concordance and lexicon (two things I am ashamed to say I haven't used in quite a while.) as our research guides. We are going to begin keeping a journal of our prayers with a section devoted to answered ones~ no matter how small.

If you keep a prayer journal with your kids, I'd love to know about it! Do you have a favorite prayer resource besides the Bible? Please share!

A couple of pictures
 Ryan began guitar lessons!!
Caraline got pink eye for the first time, but that didn't stop her from reading a great mystery!
And my sister took one of my all time favorite pictures of Jonathan!
Jonathan's birthday was not the prettiest of days either. And there was a big chill in the air. We've decided to really celebrate his birthday on a pretty day when we can go to the zoo, one of his favorite places! We did take a yummy snack to Awana to celebrate with all 24 of his Cubbie friends! And at co-op this week, Jonathan and Ryan (all children-and mommies- with birthdays) were singled out for a special Happy Birthday during assembly. Poor Caraline couldn't go to co-op because of pink eye. But she and Daddy had a great day together talking and playing outside with our Sandy and Betsy.

And, speaking of Betsy, I love this picture of our black and white cutie and the kids. I can't believe she's already two!
We did work on our review items, Math U See- Alpha, AJTL Earth Lapbook, Math Rider, and Supercharged Science. And we started a new review, Progeny Press' The Dragon's Hoard and Study Guide. We read the book in one sitting and the next day, by popular demand, we read it again! We are just getting into the study guide and it looks like it's going to be a great resource, too.

It's been a busy week with some icky weather. My husband and I really haven't taken a lot of time for just the two of us to celebrate our anniversary~ yet. It's important that we do, and we will. He did give me a very nice present. I've had the same sunglasses for seven years! ~ Can you believe I haven't permanently lost them or broken them! Well, he bought me an updated pair. And I am still on the lookout for a really nice wallet. His is falling apart.


James 1:6  
But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

Luke 18:9-14
 To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else, Jesus told this parable: 'Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood up and prayed about himself: "God, I thank you that I am not like other men-robbers, evildoers, adulterers-or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get." But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, "God, have mercy on me, a sinner." I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.""

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Weekly Highlighs: Family, Fishing, Lapbooks and a Superior Piano Rating!

Last week (March 9 - 14, 2013) was completely full of fun, friends and family!

Saturday Highlights, Federation: 
Just before Federation

Caraline participated in Federation, a piano judging festival. This was her first year participating, and she was completely excited to preform two memorized solo pieces (Mystery at Blackwater Creek and A Merry March) for her judge.  She ranked the very best, Superior! We are so proud of her (and her teacher, of course, too!)!

Daddy, our guitarist, sat in a judging room as a monitor and absolutely loved hearing the students play, and hearing how the judges handle encouraging the students and giving constructive criticism. He is looking forward to monitoring next year!

Below is a video of Caraline performing Mystery at Blackwater Creek after Federation.

Highlights from the Rest of the Week!


My dad visited for a few hours early in the week. We love that even though he lives in another state, we get to see him often because of the flexibility in the territories he can visit while traveling with his job. Before, he might have passed through our area quickly, but now he is able to sit back for a few minutes and enjoy a leisurely visit with us! The picture above shows the kids with my dad. We met at our favorite lake with a nice little playground area.

Lapbooking Highlighs:

This week we worked on two lapbooks. One for a review, and the other as part of our normal studies.

For our regular studies, I broke out our Five in a Row guide and Bible Supplement. I headed over to Homegrown Learners' Five in a Row inspiration board and found everything I needed to begin,  A Pair of Red Clogs with the kids.

The last picture in the collage shows the little ones playing a memory game (from Homeschool Share) with different colored clogs! *Hint: Definitely print the game out on card stock as recommended, otherwise the colors bleed through regular printer paper and there's not much memory work required. Now, Ryan and Jonathan weren't so sure if they enjoyed the story, but Caraline LOVED it! All three had fun making their lapbooks.

Our next lapbook, I've mentioned before, it's from A Journey Through Learning. It's all about our planet, Earth. The kids can tell you the four spheres of that comprise the Earth, the different layers of the Earth and lots of other neat Earth facts thanks to AJTL. They look forward to Earth science with this curriculum.
We had a few friends visit this week. One sweet little girl that is Caraline's age came over to view a Supercharged Science webinar on Alternative Energy. Her mom and two little brothers came over, too! And, another mom friend came over with her two precious little boys! We have to make time for our friends. This is so important- not only for the children, but for the mommies, too!
Nature Exploration Highlights:

I love Charlotte Mason's ideas on Nature Study. We spent a good 12 hours this week at our favorite creek/pond area and countless hours outside in our own backyard. If it's a pretty day, class is held outside! If the kids want a 10 minute break between subjects and we aren't already outside, they spend that break outside- even if it's raining, even if it's cold as everything, because they want to!

This week we enjoyed a little bit of fishing at our favorite spot. Even though we didn't catch a thing, the peacefulness of the still water, the sweet talks, the togetherness, the fun of being in the sunshine and exploring creation is certainly time well spent. Catching fish is fun, but the real joy is found in spending time together.

A friend of mine, Ms. Judy,  has this saying in her house: "Many people fish all their lives, never realizing it was not really fish they were after!" How true is this statement?! ~ Ms. Judy is full of wisdom.
Read Aloud Highlights: 

Another Homegrown Learner's pick. We read the first THREE Tomie DePaola books in the 26 Fairmount Avenue series this week. They are hilarious! This is a series all the children beg for "just one more chapter"(that's how we finished three this week!), over and over again! It's a big hit.

Math Highlights:

Caraline is loving a new computer program we are reviewing called Math Rider. It's designed to help master math facts. She likes that it's "goes to problem to problem quickly" so she has to "think a lot" and that she "gets to do quests". (There is a free one week trial offered on the Math Rider website.

Co-op Highlights:
My mom, sister, niece and nephew joined us this week at co-op! It was so much fun showing off what we do each week. My niece is four and accompanied Jonathan to both of his classes, and my nephew is a fourth grader and accompanied Caraline to both of her classes. My mom and sister visited each little one in their respective classes. It was so FUN, so much fun that I didn't get a chance to take ANY pictures.

I need to make a separate blog post about all the other actives we got into with our family visiting over the weekend: a birthday party with ponies, a biblical times marketplace with a camel ride, an Easter Egg hunt and more fishing. - It was GREAT! But, I think I will save it for another day!

~ Hope

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Elisha Press is offering FREE digital versions of The Reunion!!

The Reunion


 We reviewed The Reunion a couple of months ago and loved it. I just know your family will, too!  And, here's your chance!!

The generous folks at Elisha Press are offering The Reunion FREE of charge to anyone with an email address!  Head on over to Elisha Press to download your free copy. They are planning to add even more titles for free in the future!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Highlights: PJ Day, Fun with Art and a Fabulous FREE App!

March 4-8, 2013
The kids are enjoying ARTistic Pursuits. Our review of K-3, Book 3 posted last night. I can tell you, we will continue using this curriculum! It's so simple, yet so powerful! Ryan painted a fabulous banana and Caraline mixed her own colors to make a beautiful cupcake. Jonathan has so much fun working on his abstract art, too! He's learning the process of art just like the older two.


I just love his truck drawings for this enrichment activity in Math U See!
Ryan is enjoying Math U See - Alpha. And, I am beginning to better understand their method of teaching math. We still haven't touched on math facts that are unfamiliar to Ryan. Hopefully Lesson 8 will challenge him a little bit more. I still don't want to skip ahead, because the method of using Cuisenaire type rods for addition is different for us.


We watched a couple of Supercharged Science online videos and then pulled out the microscope for science class.We prepared slides and looked at microorganisms from our mouth! We are beginning our review period of Supercharged Science, and I can't tell you how impressed I am with this online video, text and project based program!

*I let Caraline choose which unit to study first and she chose to learn a unit about Prokaryotes, Plants, Protists & Fungi! This is going to be so much FUN!! I love science and microbiology is fascinating!

Jonathan received patches for completing sections (memorizing verses) in his Awana Cubbies handbook this past Wednesday night. He memorizes verses just like his big sister and big brother do.  He's almost finished with his book! Caraline has just a few more verses to memorize and Ryan, too! They've worked diligently and will complete their handbooks (Sparks and T&T) well before the last class! I am super proud of them. I don't even have to ask them to study at home. They do so on their own! Ryan has gone from needing help to read his verses at the beginning of the year, to reading them independently and taking joy in being able to read and study on his own!

Our homeschool co-op is a lot of fun for the little ones- and mommy, too! In this picture, Caraline (in the middle- with the non-blurred face!) is reciting one of our pledges. We recite three: to the American Flag, to the Christian Flag and to the Bible during assembly.

We have Spirit Days (dress-up days) sprinkled throughout each semester, too. This week was Pajama Day! Even I went to class in my PJ's. Later that night, Daddy took us out to eat. Ryan was the only one that changed into regular clothes. Caraline, Jonathan and I enjoyed our meal in our PJ's. I wonder what that says about the three of us that didn't bother with changing...

And here is Jonathan in his Pre-K class. When I peeked in they were celebrating all of the March birthdays. Jonathan is in the center with one of his teachers behind him. The kids were threading beads onto string. He also learned about Dr. Seuss and came home with a cute Thing 1 and Thing 2 craft. They also get indoor playground time, too. He always has the best time in his classes!

I didn't get any pictures of Ryan at co-op. He has one class that's all about Australia. They do the cutest craft projects in his class! This week he made a sponge painting of the Great Barrier Reef. He also has a cooking class. This week they made homemade cookies. Ryan proudly shared that he only ate one, because he wants to be healthy! Even Caraline was impressed. She knows how hard it is to eat just one fresh out of the oven cookie!

I have a PBS Kids video app on my iPhone. It's FREE! It plays episodes of PBS Kids' shows. Ryan's favorite is Professor Fizzy's Lunch Lab. It has been fabulous for teaching healthy eating habits.

Read alouds:
And, we finished The Princess and the Goblin this week! Caraline immediately began writing her own fairy tale. Good books are wonderful for sparking creativity. She's already on page 15!

We began a short story, Little Sir Galahad (Rare Collector's Series), from Lamplighter. It is such a great story, too. We should finish it today! Our sweet friends at Homegrown Learners are letting us borrow a couple of their Tomie dePaola books. We plan to start those today, too!

We've had a couple of beautiful days here in GA. It's been a wonderful change from all of the cold and rain. We've taken ample opportunity this week to go outside and explore God's wonderful creation. I LOVE sunshine and nature. =)

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ARTistic Pursuits: Early Elementary K-3 Book Three: Modern Painting and Sculpture

Our family has had the privilege of reviewing ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary Grades K-3, Book Three: Modern Painting and Sculpture  for use with children in kindergarten through third grade. The newly revised third editions "offer more pages on art techniques, more lessons and guide children through processes that expand their abilities when using art materials."

In each of the three, K-3 comb bound books, there are thirty-six projects that combine art techniques AND art history. In K-3, Book 3 there are 92 pages and 216 illustrations!

Now, we didn't begin with K-3, Book 1, An Introduction to the Visual Arts. According to the author, it's not imperative that you go in order but keep in mind Book 1 has projects that are simpler than Book 2 and Book 2 simpler than Book 3. Additionally, the K-3 books are arranged according to time: Book 1, An Introduction to the Visual Arts (Ancient - 1300's ), Book 2, Stories of Artists and Their Art (1200's - 1800's ) and Book 3, Modern Painting and Sculpture (1850's - today ). The skills learned in each book are separate and not necessary to perfect before going to another book. Therefore, each book can stand alone.

We choose K-3, Book 3 first because a couple of years ago, we attended a Monet and Impressionist Art exhibit at the High Museum of Art. That day has stuck with us, so that is the main reason why we chose to begin our studies with K-3, Book 3.  If you are studying history chronologically, you might enjoy beginning with K-3, Book 1 to go along with your early history studies and so on, too.

How is ARTistic Pursuits Unique:

ARTistic Pursuits way of teaching art is different from the art lessons we have taken in the past. ARTistic Pursuits doesn't teach how to copy someone else's art. They teach different art techniques and have the student practice a particular technique on their own, unique drawing or sculpture. The lessons are written to the student. No teacher prep involved. As long as you have the needed art supplies, just open the book and go!

What is the purpose of K-3 Book 3, Modern Painting and Sculpture?

The goal of Book 3 is to show "students how to view abstract works by examining the elements of line, space and color. It emphasizes how realistic works tell a story that people can understand. Students will see how new ideas in painting carried over to works of sculpture."

Project 4: Gouache Paint Techniques
What does a typical lesson look like?  

We (all three children, late pre-k to third grade participated) typically begin by learning about an artist and what was going on in the time and area in which they lived. One or more of their art pieces are showcased, picture(s) included! There are specific questions posed for the student about the particular art piece pictured. Along with the art history, I also appreciate the art appreciation aspect of the program, too. I don't always pick up on the subtleties of art. It's nice to have what should be pointed out, pointed out!

Occasionally, there are red rectangle boxes at the bottom of a lesson page. Inside the rectangle is a library book or video suggestion. We haven't had much luck with finding the specific titles recommended in the book, but we have had success finding excellent alternate titles and videos at our library.

Project 3: Color Wheels~ One is a Color Pig
Next, we work on a project. I've included all three of our kids in each lesson thus far. We've learned the differences in Renaissance and Impressionist art. We've learned about gouache paint and gouache paint techniques- such as how and when to use a flat brush and round brush. We've looked closely at many master artist's paintings and answered questions about each. We've learned how to create a color wheel and how to mix colors together and so much more in just six lessons!

Examples of Lesson Pages and Art Supplies Needed for Early Elementary K-3, Book 3: Modern Painting and Sculpture

I would encourage you to check out the product page for K-3, Book 3. There are great examples of lesson pages provided by ARTistic Pursuits and a contents page! A list of art materials for K-3, Book 3 can be found by following this link. (We bought the supplies we didn't already own at a our local hobby store.)

Final Thoughts:

My six year old's back of the menu drawing!
Art is on our minds! While out to eat, I've found ALL of my children drawing and coloring pictures on the back of the children's menus. My six year old hasn't been a big drawer, that is until we began this program! His drawings for math, and his coloring in general has really impressed me over the past few weeks! My oldest has held her own painting class for her younger brothers - because she and they wanted to! Our oldest asked to attend a watercolor workshop at a local art gallery, too. So, art has certainly been on everyone's mind since beginning this program!

I like the premise of original art being made by our children. It's been a challenge, however, to get away from the mindset of taking a specific work of art and replicating it (from learning how to draw it to painting it) for art class. I did ask and specific, technical drawing instruction will be taught beginning in the 4th grade books. (I received an email reply within a couple of hours of asking - on the weekend! I didn't reveal that I was reviewing the product for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.)

Price at the Time of Posting: 

Early Elementary K-3 Book Three: Modern Painting and Sculpture can be purchased from ARTistic Pursuits for $47.95. (Art supplies are purchased separately.)

In our experience, two hour art workshops cost about twenty dollars. So, this very teachable curriculum (especially, for the teacher with very little previous art experience like me) is a very good investment.

Just A Couple More Pictures:
I am so impressed with the way my six year old used two colors for his dinosaurs and the sun!

ARTistic Pursuits: Project 2: Lines and Solid Shapes

ARTistic Pursuits: Project 1: You Paint with Gouache ~ Draw a Person You Know


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.