Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up, My Birthday, a Date Night and Music!

Jan. 27- Feb. 3

Our littlest felt a bit under the weather earlier in the week. It's not often I get to rock him to sleep. I savor these precious moments.
 We spent some time furniture shopping. We found a couple of great pieces for my birthday present. One piece I'll share is a couch. I love that it fits all five of us comfortably. Plus, all pieces recline! Yay! Throw in a new lamp and a little redecorating with items we already own, and it feels like a totally new home.
You aren't surprised by the bookcase instead of an end table are you ;-)
My dad met us for a couple of hours on my birthday. He lives in another state so it's always such a special treat to get to see him!

Special Activities:

For my Growing Up Wild homeschool co-op class this week, we watched the Sun & Water episode. Then we made solar pizza box ovens! (The directions are easily found with a simple Google search.) Hopefully, the weather will be on our side this week. I do hope we will be able to melt some chocolate on a gram cracker for a yummy snack!
I cut the pizza box lids (with a box cutter) before our class. I'll post final pictures of our solar ovens this week!

Sandy, our new little girl, (you can read her story here) had her second obedience training class. The kids are learning how to train her too! This picture was taken as we were driving home. It's so Sandy. She loves to rest her little head on our shoulder.

What's New in Our Homeschool:

Apologia Science: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. We are LOVING this study. We adore Apologia and this is no exception! We have had the honor of reviewing this along with the Jr. Notebooking Journal for the past month. I'll have our full Schoolhouse review up soon! (Update: here is the link to our review!)

A+ TutorSoft Math: Another great review product from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Caraline is working through the third grade math curriculum and so far we are impressed! It's a thorough and interactive computer based program. We will have our review posted in the next few weeks.

Flowering Baby- A birth to preschool child development approach curriculum. Caraline is having the best time being Jonathan's main teacher using Flowering Baby. ( I merely assist.) Our Schoolhouse review will post in the next couple of weeks.

What's playing in the iPod?

Why Lamplighter Theater of course! We listened to two titles in the car this week: The Wanderer and The Boy of Rhigi. The kids beg to keep listening to these stories! Lamplighter stories are simply wonderful and have to be one of my favorite resources.

A Couple of Books we are enjoying: 

 Eliza's Freedom Road: An Underground Railroad Diary. This is one of the books we bought on our field trip to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s neighborhood/National Park in ATL.  We finished it this week and our family enjoyed the read. --- I really need to blog about our field trip!

Caraline started reading Riding Freedom for the third time today (Sunday). It' one of her favorites. I can't even keep up with how many books she reads throughout the week. She just informed me she has only thirty pages left and is waiting for me to read the last pages to her - since I cry every time...

 Date Night:

This weekend we all enjoyed special dates. Daddy took his girl to Chick fil A: Daddy Daughter Date Night and I took the boys on our own little date. =) Here we are just before leaving for our dinners.

I had the pleasure of having my door opened for me throughout the evening and the sweetest conversations with my little guys. Ryan was such a gentleman all night. Jonathan wanted to be a little stinker near the end. I can't even remember what he did now. But I do remember after bedtime prayers he apologized so sweetly for his disobedience and said that I could live with him in the Wild West when he's a grown-up after all.

One big highlight of our week is Daddy playing guitar at church this week. It's special for our little ones (and me!) to see their musically gifted dad glorifying our Father with his special talent.

And, I'll leave you with this sweet picture of our girls enjoying a bit of the afternoon with me in the hammock.

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