Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekly Highlights: Winter Break? No. Flu? Why, Yes!

Our week of Feb. 17- 23
Our week started with Mommy volunteering (for the first time) in Ryan's Sunday School class. It was the beginning of winter break, and they needed a few extra hands. It was a lot of fun! One thing I love about our church is its openness to the special needs community. I got to see first hand how the special needs kids (that could be in a regular Sunday School class) were paired with their own helper, and how well this worked!
A few minutes into class, K-4th graders combine for about thirty minutes for songs, an activity to show an aspect of the Bible story, and the actual Bible story either acted out or on the big screen. I enjoyed this part, too! I got to see Caraline participate in a couple of different ways!
And here is one of them! She had to come up with a solution of how to make lemonade with no spoon or bowl or way to mix the lemons, sugar and water. So, the solution was to put the sugar, water and squeeze the lemon juice into her mouth, then do jumping jacks to mix it all together and then spit it into the pitcher. Eww, gross...right... The kids loved it!

Back in Ryan's class, we completed another three or so fun activities to go along with our lesson. I was impressed with the quality of the hands on activities and how they tied in with the lesson.

The Rest of our Week:

We weren't going to take a winter break, not just yet anyway. So Monday found us learning  and working away on our normal studies. That afternoon, Ryan pulled a Fred Sanford. He was really going overboard on how his ribs hurt, his back hurt, his head hurt and his ears, too. Then he got tickled and fell over laughing. We both shared a good laugh. From then on, I thought he was just trying to get out of doing school work. So, we did a math lesson on my bed. Afterwards, he just laid down...I checked on him after doing a little bit of work with Caraline and this is what I found...
Poor little buddy really was sick. The next few days were rough for him. He ended up with the flu and bronchitis....

A couple days later, this happened in the middle of the day....
Poor little Jonathan ended up with the same thing. Earlier that morning he had a fever, and I should of thought better than to let him play with his scissors. His judgement was certainly off (as was mine apparently!) He gave himself a um... unique haircut.

So, Ryan didn't have regular school for the rest of the week. We continued our read aloud, The Princess and the Goblin. We watched the Magic School Bus, Veggie Tales, the Crocodile Hunter, the old school Electric Company and a couple of movies. For a couple of days, this really was all Ryan could do.

Caraline continued regular lessons and we actually doubled up a little bit. We thought it might be a good idea to get a little extra done in case she or I got as sick as Ryan and Jonathan...And it did happen. I got sick. Then Daddy got sick. Caraline, so far, has been healthy.

At dusk a few days later, Daddy suggested we get some fresh air at our favorite nature area. (We hadn't left our house in DAYS!) We were just going to go down to the pond which was an easy, very short walk from the parking lot.

We hadn't even made it all the way to the pond when we heard the LOUD rushing of the creek a few hundred feet beyond the pond. This was the loudest we'd ever heard the rapids. There was no way we could just sit around at the pond when this thunderous rushing water was audible so far away! We slowly made the descend and found the creek pretty much at flood level. It was certainly worth the short hike, even though we were all completely worn out (except Caraline, who managed to get muddy and was proud to show it off!).

And even though we still weren't 100%, we did do an ARTistic Pursuits lesson together. Art is a great stress reliever. It's not too difficult to make out Jonathan's new hair do either...we haven't ventured out to the barber's to get it fixed quite yet.
So, we might not have had the healthiest week, but we were able to splash in a few fun things.

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  1. I am praying you and your dear husband are on the mend.... you're such a good Mama, Hope!

    1. Thank you sweet friend. It was a rough two weeks. We are finally feeling human again =)


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