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Love, Circus, Compassion, Solar Ovens and Ponies - Highlights from our Week

Highlights from February 11-16th ~  The week of love...
My sweetie and I laid eyes on each other for the first time 15 years ago this week! We met at a Valentine's Day get together friends from our college group at church put together. Mutual friends invited my now husband - with a whisper in his ear to be on the lookout for available me =) It was a great no pressure blind date of sorts! And now look at us, fifteen years and a family of five. There are 20 roses,  fifteen to represent our fifteen years together and another five for our family of five. So sweet and very beautiful!

 Homeschool Creative Highlights:
 We are using ARTistic Pursuits and I believe artistic creativeness is shining through. This is Ryan's adorable drawing of dogs from one of his math lessons this week.
During free coloring time, I was impressed to see the use of complementary colors and two toned coloring in the dinosaurs and the sun!

Valentine's Day Celebrations:
Our children participate in Awana activities at our church. In addition to our Bible lesson and memorizing our memory verse in Cubbies, Jonathan enjoyed a Valentine's party complete with valentine exchange, a heart scavenger hunt around the church and cute crafts. Our older two had special Valentine's activities, too.
Jonathan was my big helper before co-op. He helped set up our solar ovens and found sticks to prop the lids open.
Thursday is our homeschool co-op day and it just happened to be Valentine's Day, too! We had another day of valentine exchange (all three kids) and special celebrations! Who says homeschoolers miss out on special celebrations?!

In our Growing Up Wild class, a tribal missions focused class I am teaching, we used our solar ovens (made in a previous class) to make a special Valentine's Day treat. The weather was sunny and 52 degrees. I was worried that our treat might not melt well. So, I also brought in a heat lamp, and we experimented with indoor solar oven with heat lamp vs. outdoor solar oven and sunshine. We were surprised that the outdoor treats melted faster and were more gooey than our indoor heat lamp treats! Unfortunately, our bottom row of outdoor treats were invaded by nature--- ants...

Compassion International:

We sponsor a nine year old child through Compassion International We got our first letter from her  this week, along with this beautiful drawing! It is so special corresponding with this sweet little girl. It warms all of our hearts to be her new friend! Compassion is a wonderful organization. Would you consider pulling a child out of poverty by becoming a sponsor? It costs just a little more than $1 a day ($38 a month). You really will make a difference in the life of a child!

Our newest read aloud: 

We began reading The Princess and the Goblin on our Kindle this week. Our pastor recommended it a couple of months ago for its Christian allegory. Caraline isn't one to want to read about goblins or anything creepy. So, she's still not so sure about this book because of the title. The boys, however, are loving it.

Our field trip to the circus!
Our Friday was filled with a full day at the circus - our first! The kids woke up two hours before their normal wake-up time because they were so super excited! We made it into ATL around 8:15 am with plenty of time to eat breakfast in the CNN center cafeteria. While there we watched the Russian meteor coverage on the huge big screen tv's. Watching on such a huge screen was super cool!  We also got to see the actual CNN journalists' humvee used during the wars in the Middle East.

And of course the circus was a big hit! We were there in time to participate in the pre-show and meet some of the performers. It was a fun, long day!

That night, our little ones tried to make our dogs into the circus act dogs we'd seen....Oh, boy...

The  next day (and the coldest we've had by far) our boys got to spend nearly the whole day with my dad! (Caraline attended a Valentine's party with friends from co-op for three of those hours.) Afterwards, Dad picked Caraline up from her party. He then took all three kids out for ice cream and a pony ride! I love that he has a little more free time (occasionally) on the weekends. We are certainly benefiting from that and love getting to see more of him. Especially, since he lives in another state!

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