Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Week of Art, Humor and a One Month Anniversary!

Feb. 4th-8th

For the most part, this week was a pretty normal just-doing-our-basic-subjects kind of week. Caraline continues to do a few preschool activities (Flowering Baby) with Jonathan each day, too. We did add a new art curriculum that we absolutely love! And our first Schoolhouse Review (Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day) for 2013 is up! Our homeschool is deeply enriched through products we review. I am thankful for that! My hope is that our reviews are helpful and insightful to those of you looking for inspiration and enrichment for your homeschool, too.

 Caraline and I are are currently reviewing a multisensory, complete math curriculum called A+ TutorSoft for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Caraline has a great sense of humor and often draws silly little pictures that showcase her personality. Here she claims to be a little confused about rounding to the nearest hundred on one of her A+ worksheets. She got it right, though! I admire her willingness to always give it a try. (By the way, she looks forward to doing math independently with A+!)


Here we are doing our first art lesson in ARTistic Pursuits Vol. 3! We are having the best time with this curriculum. Art is not something I had the opportunity to study growing up. I love that a company has developed a curriculum that can be taught by someone with no artistic ability or background!
I used these same readers, Frontline Phonics, with Caraline and I look forward to the day I will use them to read along with and to Jonathan, too.
I don't think I've told you, but Ryan and I enjoy special reading time at night. It's also just a super sweet moment in life that is very special to me. (I used to do with same with Caraline when she was a new reader, too.) We go to his room,  just he and I,  about an hour before bedtime. Then, he reads two or three stories to me and I read two or three stories to him.  This is what makes a strong reader. Lots of individual, one on one practice. Our nightly reading is in addition to our Reading lessons and extra practice time during the day. After our one on one nightly reading, we join Caraline and Jonathan for another bedtime read aloud.

Also this week, Caraline is busy working on piano pieces she'll be preforming in front of a judge for Federation, and Jonathan is learning to write his name. (He has pretty handwriting for a four year old!) We completed our fourth homeschool co-op class of the semester this week, too! This year is flying by...

And, we've officially had Sandy for one month today! She has grown so much in the past four weeks. (We think she's finally growing into those precious ears of hers, too!) The top picture was taken the night we met her at the vet's office. She was practically skin and bones. The bottom picture was taken last night while practicing loose leash walking with Caraline!

And...Monday evening my husband and I had an evening out. Last Saturday we enjoyed Daddy-Daughter and Mama-Son dates and Monday it was our turn! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner overlooking a waterfall...

The kids don't know, but next week we have a family field trip planned to the circus! It will be their first time!!!

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  1. What a great week! I enjoyed reading about it. How exciting to go to the circus next week. Oh, and that is one thing I love about homeschooling, we can study and go more in depth in subjects like art, music and drama. God bless you.

  2. Yay for Federation! :-)

    You are so right, Hope.... lots of one on one reading and practice makes a good reader. I loved teaching my kids to read and being there as that love of reading emerged. It's a huge milestone and I treasure that I was able to be there with them. :-)

  3. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Love your week too. I like your daughter's sense of humor. My son loves to put question marks when he does not know the answers.

  4. Looks like a great week! We love Apologia's science and did Swimming Creatures last year. One of mine is doing Artistic Pursuits and I haven't seen hide or hair of it ever since!


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