Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday Guest Post: The Zebra

I am honored to be guest posting today at Creation Conversations: Wildlife Wednesday:

"We live near a zoo that provides a safari like experience. One of the many animals we are able to have a personal encounter with is the African zebra!

 Here you see our youngest gently petting the youngest of the zebras. So sweet! This little one's mommy is just in front eating from our oldest son's hand. And others from the herd are gathered around and eating from the rest of us."

Head on over to Creation Conversations:Wildlife Wednesday for the full article and plenty of freebies to go along with our nature study of the zebra. 
Wildlife Wednesdays


  1. That sounds amazing! I wish we had a zoo like that nearby, or any zoo for that matter!

    Btw, I was given the Liebster Blog Award and wanted to pass it on so I nominated you If you want to participate you can find out how here.


    1. Thank you, Lori! How sweet. I'd love to participate! =)


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