Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Reunion by Rachael McIntire and a Giveaway!

The unpredictable story of The Reunion is sure to keep the whole family engaged for hours. Adults will enjoy remembering the way things were when they were Rebecca and Sarah's age. Children will identify with the struggles of Christian school students in a secular world, while at the same time learning godly principles they will keep for a lifetime." ~The Reunion website

The Reunion by Rachael McIntire and published by Elisha Press is a sweet story of unwavering love, redemption, forgiveness and hope.  My nearly nine year old daughter and I were drawn into the lives of two baby girls given up for adoption as infants. We followed their life stories with eager anticipation and full of questions as to what would happen next ~ from the girls' birth to adulthood. My daughter and I had many great discussions following our reading of this thought provoking book.

One child is raised in a Christian family; a family that prays together and truly follows Jesus. The other child is adopted by parents who are financially well-off, but their hearts are not full of Jesus. We see the difference parents can make, and the difference our Father makes - no matter who our earthly parents may be.  

Seeing how the Christian family, the Gladstones,
 pray through every situation great and small, how the children treat others that are unkind with unconditional love and forgiveness and how they trust Jesus will turn bad situations for the good is uplifting and encouraging.

It's not often that Christian values are shown in such a positive way. No matter what the circumstance, Jesus is always put first. The way He would want a situation handled is always considered and prayed about first. It was such a breath of fresh air to read, and also humbling.

To me, the Gladstone family is the epitome of what a Christian family should be. They've done an excellent job raising their children in a Godly home, and I look-up to their example.

I am thankful to Mrs. McIntire, a fellow homeschooling mom, for sharing some of her own childhood experiences, (although the storyline is fictional) and penning a well written book meant to inspire and spiritually encourage parents and children alike.

Read an excerpt of The Reunion here!

Purchasing information:

 This short story is 127 pages and published by Elisha Press. It's a perfect read aloud for the whole family or a great gift to a nine year old or older to read independently.  You may purchase a paperback copy of The Reunion for $9.99 with free shipping in the US. At this time, The Reunion can only be purchased from the book's website,

For Homeschooling 3 readers, Elisha Press is offering a $2 discount per copy through February, 2013 just use the code REVIEW-HOPE at checkout. Thereafter, the code will be good for a $1 discount per copy.


Disclaimer: Elisha Press sent a complimentary paperback copy of The Reunion in exchange for our honest review.

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  1. I would love a chance to read this by winning a copy of the book. Thanks for the chance

  2. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. I can't seem to get enough good Christian encouragement.

  3. Sounds intriguing! I think my dd, as an adopted child would especially enjoy this.

  4. This looks great, and I really enjoyed you talking with me about it today. You have no idea what a blessing you are to me, mama.



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