Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Managing Your Home Review, Giveaway and Freebie!

Do you remember a few months ago I reviewed a wonderful Music Appreciation course, Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music? Well, the author, Marcia Washburn, has also written a fabulous ebook, Managing Your Home, and I am thrilled to introduce it to you!

Managing Your Home is just one of three titles available in the series Management for Moms. There are three additional titles scheduled to be published next year! 

What is Managing Your Home?

It is a 55 page ebook written for the busy homeschooling mother to more efficiently accomplish the duties of the home -from housekeeping and laundry to grocery shopping and even tips for keeping the car tidy - complete with necessary items, too.

And this is what I love most about Marcia ~ she openly shares her failures and what she's learned through them to help us. This ebook is full of practical advice and examples straight from the Washburn household, along with many Biblical quotes and even devotional material of sorts. I consider this a true Titus 2 ministry she has developed and shared with us!

I've already begun to implement Keepers, Leapers, and Creepers (a way to deal with clutter and organize). I still have a long way to go, but her unique way of looking at the situation makes total sense!

 Favorite quotes:
Don’t schedule every last minute—leave room for God to bless you with sweet memories of shared wonder. pg.9
A mom can set the emotional temperature of the
household by her own habit of happiness. Answering
a harsh word with a quiet answer can greatly reduce
tension. Cultivating a ready laugh can bring a spirit of lighthearted joy into the home. Laughing at our own mistakes helps our children to not take themselves too seriously either.
pg. 25
Likewise, each boy had a different type of socks. One had socks with two stripes, another with three stripes, another with no stripes, and another with gray feet, making sorting a breeze. This system guaranteed that each son could have no more than one unmatched sock coming out of the dryer. When every sock they owned was the same color and style there was no longer an inventory of orphans in the dresser drawer awaiting a grand reunion each laundry day. pg. 45
(There are so many wonderful quotes that I could easily quote the whole book! I've limited it to just three. There are so many wonderful tips, it was hard to choose which three!)

What are the chapter titles?

•  Adjusting Our Attitudes Toward Housework
•  Scheduling Your Priorities
•  Don’t Forget Your Brain, Mom
•  Routines—A Mom’s Best Friend
•  Keepers, Leapers, and Creepers
•  Feeding Your SILKS Family
(SILKS stands for Single Income Lots of Kids)

•  Kitchen Economics
•  Laundry Daze
•  Time to Go Bye-Bye: Caring for Your Car

Pricing, a fabulous special discount, a giveaway, and freebie! 
Currently, Marcia is running a special on the three of the Management for Moms books she’s released so far.  You may purchase all three ebooks (Managing Your Home, Managing Your Children and Managing Your Family’s Finances) for only $9.99 from now until Dec. 16th. That is a savings of over 33%!

You may purchase Managing Your Home separately for $4.99 here. If you chose the bundle, you may purchase all three here.

Also, Marcia is offering a copy of Managing Your Home as a giveaway! If you have already ordered a copy (either singly or as a bundle with the others in the series), and you are selected as the winner, Marcia will refund your purchase price. So there is no risk! ~ You may enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

And now let me tell you about a wonderful freebie Marcia is offering! Anyone who requests it may have a free copy of her article Mommy Tips, excerpted from Managing Your Children, just for the asking. You may email Marcia at

Be sure to look for Marcia on facebook (click this link), too! 

Final thoughts:

I love my family to pieces but I fail in many areas when it comes to managing the home. This is a book that I wish was in softcover. I would have highlights and notes scribbled everywhere! ~ In fact, I plan to send this ebook over to an office supply store to print and bind. 

I have no doubt that a happy, economical, and well-run home will be the result if even a fraction of her advice and tips are followed.

Marcia is uplifting and encouraging as she shares her secrets to making a home run smoothly. I am thankful for the wise counsel Marcia has shared through Managing the Home. I am also excited and hopeful about implementing more of her practical tips in my own home.

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Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Managing Your Home ebook in exchange for an honest review.


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  4. If its written by Marcia its bound to be great!


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