Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hair, a Hayride and Helicopters!

We were invited to a hair styling party and at a sweet family's home a couple of weeks ago. This is the beautiful creations of our friends Ms. A and Ms. C. I just love my hair and C8's! The boys and C8 had a blast playing with lots of little (and big) ones while all the girls and mommies  took turns getting pampered. It was such a fun afternoon visiting with lots of friends! We will be so sad when this wonderful family moves to PA. We are going to miss them. We do have plans to keep in touch using Skype and fb!

That evening we took a road trip to visit my family in another state. My sister was having a few friends over for a going away party for longtime friends/birthday party for two special guests on Halloween. She has the gift of hospitality for sure! Uncle J. and Daddy prepared a hayride for Trick-or-Treating for everyone and we had such a fun time! Our drivers were the best ;-)
Our two Power Ranger Ninja's on the hayride
A friend gave us a book about Gladys Aylward months ago - These Are My People by Milly Howard. C8 decided to dress up as Gladys (missionary to China). We were able to keep her pretty braids and turn it into an updo.
It's always fun to go to my grandparents' homes on Halloween and get yummy treats and show off our costumes. I'm thankful our little ones were able to share in this tradition this year!

The next day my grandmother cooked an amazing supper for all the family. She and my grandfather are always so thoughtful to try to gather the family as much as possible - they do this a lot through our tummies!! I'm trying to learn how to make homemade dumplings like her. They are amazing!

We also enjoyed the last home football game of the season with about 20 family members in one spot! We got to visit with friends that were once in our homeschool co-op in GA that had recently moved to my hometown. It was so good getting to see them! I saw another friend I graduated with many years ago and his little boy. It's always so good to catch up with old friends! The kids got to see a family member coach football and watch a cousin play. It was a very good night!

The biggest surprise of all though was from Daddy. He had left out Halloween night with my dad. Daddy had to fly from ATL to Kansas City early on Thursday. My dad had business in north GA. Dad came back on Friday around lunch and Daddy wasn't sure what he'd do. His flight didn't land in ATL til early afternoon and it would take him till just after kickoff to drive down. He surprised everyone by making that big drive to be with us! He's so awesome!

Field Trip!

We didn't do any book work while visiting family, but we did have a GREAT field trip while we were there! We visited the Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker.
My beautiful sister and Mom, myself, cousin E, R6, Uncle J, J4, C8 and cousin P.
We had the best tour guide EVER, Uncle J! He's flown many helicopters and has some cool stories to share!
here he is explaining different missiles 
A Black Hawk helicopter. One of the helicopters Uncle J flies. He actually flew Saddam Hussein to court a few times in a Black Hawk like this. ~ Talk about a living history book, Uncle J is one!

An Apache - Uncle J shared an amazing rescue story of an Apache crew saving the pilots (one a flying buddy of Uncle J's) of a downed Kiowa helicopter while he was in Iraq. You can read the full story here.
A piece of the Berlin Wall - gave me chills
pilots in training - the back cockpit to the Cobra

there are many great "reenactment" scenes at the museum

President Nixon's ride - Army One. Love the green interior and the "wall paper"
We are thankful for Uncle J and his service to our country and his willingness to educate the next generation.

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  1. My kids went crazy just looking at the pictures of the helicopters! What fun! Thanks for sharing at FTF!!

  2. This was a fun time!! Nana was proud to do Caraline's hair for her Halloween dress up and for the Museum visit. It looked very pretty on her. It reminded me of how I use to fix her mommy and Aunt Brooke's hair in many different braids, etc... Just brought back lots of memories... Love you all!!!


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