Saturday, November 17, 2012

Favorite Resources, The Election, The Aquarium and Rory

A few favorite highlights from Nov. 6 - Nov. 14 

Favorite Read Alouds this week:

A free download for November from Heritage History, Stories of the Pilgrims. It's a pretty long read aloud. We are on chapter five and only 13% of the way through according to our Kindle. We are going to have to read more chapters a day to get this finished before Dec.!

We are also reading One Wintry Night. There are so many great Christmas books I want to be sure to read. We are starting early!

I can't decide which language arts program to continue with for R6. We really enjoyed our time using and reviewing PAL, and we like our regular curriculum, too - BJUP 1st grade. This week we reverted back to BJUP. I like that I don't have to prepare much in advance to teach it, and we finish about twenty to thirty minutes quicker. There are portions of PAL I just love though. I think we will just do a week of one and then switch and do a week of the other until I have a clearer sense of which is working better for R6. There may not be a "better" choice. We'll just have to see.

Favorite Online Resources this week:

C8 is really getting into Spelling City. She's my child that likes the computer, but would rather have a lesson from Mommy. She's figured out the Spelling City games are actually FUN.

R6 continues to LOVE Reading Eggs. He ASKS to do these lessons! J4 tried the very first Reading Eggs lesson this week. It's a hit!

Favorite Board Games this week:

U-Build Sorry and Sum Swamp

Our week:
November 6, 2012 - We exercised our right to vote in the cold rain!

We printed out an electoral college map from C-SPAN and watched The Schoolhouse Rock video about the electoral college that night. Our friend Kathy at Kathy's Cluttered Mind has a lot of great election resources on her blog. We watched Arlington National Cemetery video posted by our friend Mary at Homegrown Learners. I just love her Veterans Day post.

 **If you missed our field trip to the Army Aviation Museum, I think you'd enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing what our very special tour guide had to share.

Our last day of co-op for the fall semester. This is R6's last Edible Art creation. I've loved assisting Mrs. K in this class. She's given the kids so many wonderful experiences this semester. I'm going to miss our class.
 We had special guests last weekend, my wonderful sister-in-law and my niece and nephew came for a weekend visit. We decided to spend Saturday doing a little bit of shopping and visiting the GA Aquarium. Aunt W and my nephew had never been and C8 and R6 had just finished a ten week unit on the ocean at co-op. We spent about four hours there and had so much fun just palling around together!
(HomeDepot was giving out sailboat building kits for the kids. There was a building station but it was too crowded. So we were given three to take home. Daddy helped them build their boats one morning this week.)

Ga Aquarium has quite a few touching pools. This is always a highlight of our trip.

Who doesn't love the poison dart frogs?! So interesting!

Love the sense of wonder!

super cool garden eels
 Sunday, Aunt W, S and T went to church with us and then we enjoyed a yummy Greek lunch. We hated to see them go....
We've been playing a lot of this game. C8 got U-Build - Sorry as an end of the semester gift from her Games, Games class! She's taught the whole family how to play.

We enjoyed a rainy afternoon by finding and stomping in every puddle we could find! We (Daddy included) don't let a little rain ruin our day.

C8 made this dandelion ring for me while we were on our walk. love! See what I would've missed had we chosen to stay inside?

C8 was given this lion as a gift. The note card said "for being as bold as a lion" while signing the Revelation Song at church. (If you missed it, here is where I blogged about it.) Rory, as she named him, hasn't been out of her sight since he was given to her.


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