Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekly Highlights

Sadly, it's been a few weeks since I've put a highlights post together. Documenting our learning and life on Homeschooling 3 is important to me, and I hope to manage my time more efficiently in the future.

Sunday's Highlights:
After church (and lunch), I took the little ones to Line Creek Nature Area. It was raining - a nice soft rain, no thunder at all. We try to never let a little bit of rain put a damper on our plans. In fact, it makes nature exploration even more of an adventure. I'm thankful for a little girl who doesn't mind getting a little dirt under her fingernails and boys that are ready for anything outside, too!
So, off we went - Dollywood Ponchos and all. (While at Dollywood on a big extended family adventure this summer, we got caught in a big thunderstorm. Dollywood made a pretty penny that day on poncho sales. We've made sure to make the most of our purchase!)
Highlights from our nature walk: lots of wildflowers, a fuzzy caterpillar, two tiny toads (if you look closely you might see the toads in the close-ups of C8 and J4) and the largest freshwater mussel we've ever found at Line Creek.  ~ and my waterproof shoes. It was soo nice to have dry feet for our entire 2 hour walk in the rain.
Weekly Highlights:
  • R6 pulled his second top front tooth Monday! We finally got to sing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" to him! The next day he said he wanted to do something special for his brother and sister. R6 took all of his Tooth-fairy money (he's saved every dime) and bought J4 two tiny little Nerf type guns, that came two to a pack, and two tennis rackets and a couple tennis balls for R6 and C8 to share. I just love that he wanted to do something for everyone! Once we got home, they all had Nerf gun shooting tournaments in the basement (Daddy included) and played games with their tennis rackets and balls. For example, they would try to keep the tennis ball going around the racket in a game called Around the World.
  • Tuesday night I noticed the kids were suspiciously quiet in the basement. I walked down to find this: 
C8 had been making up many different stories and illustrating them on the whiteboard as she was telling them. She had the boys' undivided attention for at least forty-five minutes!

  • C8 came down with a cold late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. We had to miss our homeschool co-op. I'm pretty sure we've had perfect attendance for over a year. We missed all of our friends so much!
  • Friday we took a much needed vacation day. C8 was feeling a little better. We traveled to Stone Mountain Park and had the best time! We had pie eating contest winners and contestants on Pumkin Palooza! Here's my blog post about our day.
     Academic Highlights: this is by no means an exhaustive list of what we are doing, but just a few of the most interesting highlights from our week
    •  Language Arts: R6 and I are reviewing Primary Art of Language : Reading and Writing program from The Institute For Excellence in Writing. We are laying aside our normal Language program for the next six weeks. I am changing it up a little. We are already spelling, so we are going ahead and beginning AAS, Level I in the first part of the program instead of waiting until part 2. So far, so good. 
    • R6 LOVES to supplement Language Arts with Reading Eggs online. I think I've mentioned how much he loves this program before! (We bought him a membership back in March.) This is something he will continue to use. I do believe he'd be heartbroken if I told him we needed to take a break from it for a while.
    •  Literature: we listened to Teddy's Button from Lamplighter Theater (There was an excellent sale a few weeks ago on mp3's and ebooks on their fb page.) The kids insisted we finish the audio. It was around two hours start to finish. We LOVE Lamplighter Publishing. The stories we've read or listened to thus far have been excellent. 
    •  Later in the week, we listened to Charlie's Choice, (by a friend's recommendation) another excellent Lamplighter Theater mp3. The character building values told in all of these stories are absolutely wonderful.
    • History: we are also reviewing The Pilgrim Story from Dayspring Christian Academy. We've almost finished and have learned so much! Check out the video at the bottom of the link above. It's a resource like none other we've tried. It's been fun! I'll have our review up soon if you are interested.
    •  Music: Classroom KinderBach iPad app is another super fun Schoolhouse Review Crew item we have been using for the past few weeks. This review will be ready this week, also.
    •  C8 continues to have private piano lessons once a week with the fabulous, Mary from Homegrown Learners. She's doing so wonderfully. ~ How fortunate we are to live close to one another! We are also thankful for their friendship. 
    • Bible: Continuing to studying our Awana lessons and verses for the week. Even J4 has a verse to memorize and recite during class. 
    • We are still slowly working our way through Heroine's of the Past Bible Study during breakfast. This is still one of our favorite resources. 
    • Caraline is a workbook lover. She really doesn't like computer based work, but give her some worksheets or better yet, a workbook and she is delighted. So, we've been reading through the lessons for A Servant's Heart (I bought the teacher's manual used for $5) as a family and she's been doing the workbook part of the lessons. This is the first thing she wants to work on after breakfast each day!
    •  Math: We've been using ZooWhiz, mainly for supplementing our math lessons. It's a cute online educational program for reading and English, too. Here's our review of ZooWhiz if you'd like to read it. It's on sale right now for $14.95. They also offer a FREE membership.
    And, there you have it. Our week and favorite resources at a glance.

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    1. Hi Hope! I missed seeing you Thursday, but I'm glad C is feeling better. Thanks for turning us onto the Lamplighter stories, too. I'm looking forward to listening to some of them when we return from our trip.

      As always, I so admire what you do with the kids, and C is turning into a mini you!


      1. Mary, I hope you all are having the time of your life out west this week! Thank you for taking the time to comment before your super big trip!
        Once you listen to your first Lamplighter, I want to know what you think =)
        And thank you for your sweet words. You are a wonderful encourager.

    2. Exciting!! Thanks for sharing! I love you all!! Mom

    3. I love that your daughter was telling stories and illustrating them on the whiteboard for her brothers!!
      Thanks for linking this post up at Favorite Resources :)

      1. Thanks, Susan. Seeing the boys engrossed in her story was the sweetest thing. I was truly expecting some type of "mess" with how quiet they had been...My heart was so full!

        Thanks again Susan for taking a moment to comment =)


    Thanks for taking time to comment. I appreciate each and every one! =)