Friday, October 5, 2012

Stone Mountain and Pie Eating Contest Winners!

One thing we love about homeschooling is the flexible schedule. We decide when our vacation days will be.
We woke up this morning thinking some fresh air and sunshine might just do all of us good. Thankfully, we could pick up and go to one of our favorite outdoor spots, Stone Mountain Park. We knew that C8 wouldn't have the energy to climb the mountain ~ so we decided to spend our day in the Adventures area. After all, it is Pumpkin Festival time! Here are some highlights of our trip in pictures.

There is a "Bubble Man" hanging around the park that can make some absolutely humongous bubbles! He's very creative with his wands, too.

Our first stop was Campfire Corner. We listened to a few songs and a really great pumpkin story.

Goofy Golf is always a must, too. The train was broken today, though. The kids took the disappointment well. I was very proud of them!

Pumkinpalooza!! R6 and Daddy were approached before the show. They were asked to be contestants. R6 and Daddy were pumped! I don't think there's a shy bone in either of those guys' bodies! The other two little ones wanted to be contestants, too. I'm proud that they are all so outgoing. J4 will get his chance to shine later on =) (I'm thankful that all of Daddy's work for today could be done from his smart phone. He couldn't be with us the whole time, but boy did we ever make the most of it when he could be with us!)

Game #1 They were so awesome!! The goal was to spell "Yellow Team" with assorted magnetic letters they had to get out of little balls first.

Next was a hula hoop game. The hula hoop had to pass over all three without them unhooking their hands! They were super fast!

Robot Dancing! They are so stinkin' cute!!

Making memories they will never forget!

They dressed as chickens and did the chicken dance with the audience joining in! They are such good sports, too! Love them!

J4 had been begging to do the pie eating contest. We saw the tail end of the last show earlier in the day. We made sure to find a seat before the show started. R6 decided he really wanted to try, too. I'm thankful they were both chosen to participate. The "Mayor" asked who wanted whipped cream on their pie and J4 was quick to raise his hand first. The Mayor kept asking "Is that enough? Is that enough?" J4 would never say that's enough. He was giggling the whole time. He LOVES whipped cream and was proud of his whipped cream mountain. R6 was next to raise his hand. He only asked for a little =)

Look at those faces!

J4 won whipped cream champion! The Mayor gave him a cute t-shirt.

R6 got down to business and won the contest. Look at the dent in that pie!
Here's our video of the Pie Eating Contest in two parts!

We rode the Duck Boat for the first time. It's a 1940's craft that drives right into the water and becomes a boat. Pretty cool. All the kids got a chance to be captain.

Yep, it drives and floats. Pretty cool!
So, that's basically what we did all day. (My phone's battery went dead after the boat ride, so no pictures of their Sky Hike adventure.) Basically, a wonderful laid back day full of memories and sweet fun.


  1. Wow..... That was so much fun!!! Makes me want to see all of you. So glad you all had a wonderful family day!! I love you all! Nana

    1. Thanks! We love you, too! Hopefully, you can visit soon!!


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