Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

Oct. 19 - Oct. 28
Visiting Family:
We spent Thursday evening through Sunday morning with my husband's family. They live in another state.

J4 had an eventful Friday evening that included a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic. Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday passed without any further trauma!

Saturday afternoon the kids, Daddy, their cousins and a few of the dogs played football!
 Many times throughout our stay we'd make our way out to the old farm and explore the pond. They have two, but one is not easily accessible and we've only explored it a handful of times. The little (and big) ones found tadpoles and lots of interesting rocks and wildflowers around the first pond.

(pic. 2)Saturday night we enjoy a nice big bonfire and roasted hotdogs and huge marshmallows courtesy of Aunt W.  (pic. 3)We also tried a new recipe I had read about somewhere, but I'm not sure where - s'mores with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They were so good! (pic. 4)The kids helped gather wood for the bonfire and (pic. 1) C8 made a comfy spot for all of her favorite animals (the ones she brings on every out of town trip) and they attended the night's festivities with the family.
C8 made sure to play a few piano pieces before our trip ended. PaPaw joined in on guitar during Away in a Manger, too! I love being apart of a musical family.

C8 spent a couple of hours on Tuesday  learning to sign The Revelation Song. C8 took an ASL class last semester with a wonderful teacher, Ms. A in our co-op. They learned two worship songs ~C8 had never used ASL with worship before~ and performed them in front of our whole co-op. It was beautiful and brought me to joyful, spirit-filled tears.

C8 loves Jesus so much and it shows through her worship, which now incorporates ASL. Watching her worship is touching and draws you into a deeper, more intimate worship experience with Jesus.

There's more to this story. I'm going to need to save it for later in the week, though! (Update:Here's the link!)

*I have to thank Mrs. D, Ms. A and the rest of their beautiful family for having us over Tuesday afternoon for lunch, too. Ms. A is a talented young lady and we were so sad to hear they are moving in less than a month...

Field Trip Highlights:
I've been wanting to hear authentic Uncle Remus storytelling for years! Finally, we went to the Wren's Nest on Friday with a few others from our homeschool group. We learned more about the wonderful Uncle Remus stories, how they came about and the man who put them down on paper, Joel Chandler Harris. We toured his home (with the best tour guide ever, 80 year old Nana!) and heard a fabulous storyteller retell a few of these classic stories.

Once home we read at least an hours worth of tales from The Favorite Uncle Remus a book we bought at the Wren's Nest gift shop - for much more than the Amazon price... It's written in the original dialect, but if you're from the deep south, you shouldn't have much trouble reading it. Though I could read it aloud and understand it, there were many times the kids still needed the meaning translated.
Our fabulous storyteller and superb entertainer!

 Book Highlight:
There is one new read aloud that I must mention from a twitter friend, Timothy Davis' Sea Cutter: Book I in The Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe. I had bought the ebook several months earlier from Amazon. I began reading it late one night and absolutely loved it! I finished it the next evening. At that time, I thought the kids might not be ready for a rather intense and suspenseful adventure drama.

Sea Cutter was recently released in paperback and the kids received a gorgeous signed copy Saturday from Mr. Davis. He hasn't asked me to review it, but it is so wonderful I just have to. I hope to do that in the next few weeks. Let me just say that C8 wouldn't let me stop reading that day until the very last word was read! Thankfully, we didn't have anything going on Saturday afternoon and we just spent hours reading Sea Cutter to the very end! There are subtle Christian undertones throughout that the kids and I appreciated, too.

This is just a small little bit of highlights from this week, but some of our very favorites!

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to make a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic :( but glad things are OK now!
    S'mores with pb cups sound incredible!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Favorite Resources, Hope :)

  2. THank you for sharing all your fun activities. THe time with family looked like so much fun!

  3. Great post! (Mmmmmm for the s'mores, too!) Be blessed. ~ Kim


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