Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mom, I Want to See the Metal Bars in My Head!

Here we are again, less than a month later, with another injury
Oct. 19, 2012 - another Urgent Care visit. He's so stinkin' cute!
 My Grandmother P. tells me it's normal. It's the way boys are in our family :-/ Constantly, at least one of her four boys (my dad included) had stitches or were "glued"- she and Poppy would just glue their cuts at home. I talked to her for nearly an hour today; it's her birthday. I love talking to my grandmother.

This time, J4 and R6 were playing at their grandparents' house, in another state. J4 tripped on a pillow that was in the floor, and the back of his noggin caught the corner of an end table. His grandma and I took him to the bathroom and cleaned his little wound. It definitely needed closing by a professional...

I looked outside and discovered our van missing. Daddy had taken it to a nearby town with PaPaw and Aunt W. I began to panic just a little. I needed his carseat! How in the world was I going to take him to Urgent Care 25 minutes away without a carseat?! I tried calling Daddy. He didn't answer. I sent Daddy a text. Still no answer. What was I going to do?!

Daddy finally called about two minutes later. He told me he took the car seat out because it rattles uncontrollably if J4 isn't sitting in it! Yippee for a rattly car seat!! I found where he had placed it and off we went in MaMaw's van. (Poor MaMaw hated for us to go alone. I promised her we would be fine. We are used to having to do things on our own since we live away from family and it would be a huge help to me for her to stay with the older kids. They wanted to spend time with her and their other cousin.)

On the way to get his little noggin taken care of, J4 began to cry uncontrollably. He wanted to go back to MaMaw's house and play. He did not want spend his precious time at Urgent Care getting stitches! He didn't want to miss his cousin S.'s football game that night either! I promised him a milkshake and he began to calm just down a little bit.

Daddy, PaPaw and Aunt W. were in the town we were heading to and were able to swing by Urgent Care and get the paper work started for us. AND most importantly, grab the milkshake too! The milkshake made everything better!!

Aunt W. was super sweet and decided to keep us company while we waited. She is so good with little ones. I was happy to have the sweet company, too. Love, love, Aunt W.

Once in the room little bit talked the ears off his nurse, the doctor and the Nurse Practitioner. He was so cute and extremely smart. He told everyone about his last set of stitches and how he hurt himself - both times. I should also point out that J4's daddy is extremely smart and has had multiple stitches and staples, too....

He saw the staple gun and started smiling really big. He thought it was so cool that a "gun" was going to be used to staple his cut noggin.

getting staples the second time

During the procedure, he was very calm. The first set of staples had to be taken out and replaced. They were a little too tight. It didn't phase J4. He kept right on asking questions the whole time.

As soon as they finished he said, "Mom, I want to see the metal bars in my head." I took a picture with my camera and immediately showed him. He wore his three staples proudly.

We were able to meet the family at the football game while it was still in the first quarter. Little stinker made friends a few years older than himself and wanted to play football in the grass with them. YIKES!

The little kid running with the hoodie - that's J4.
It was cold, and I needed to get some ibuprofen just in case he started hurting later. So, in the fourth quarter we scooted out - it was nearly 11:00 our time anyway. Plus, I really didn't want him playing football with fresh staples...

What a way to start a weekend at the grandparents!


  1. He sounds like my Ethan. Aaack. I'm always praying for my boys. What a little trooper you have =)

    1. He's tough as nails that's for sure. Having boys is an adventure! I couldn't imagine what life would be like with five ;-) Thanks for stopping by =)

  2. That little stinker. I love him :-)


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