Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Highlights, a Game and a Prize!

Weekly Highlights from Aug. 25 - Aug. 31

The weekend:
Daddy's parents visited this weekend. It's always wonderful having them stay for a few days! The weekend always flies by way too fast.
J4 helping PaPaw fix our leaky dishwasher

Family Pool Party and cookout with a couple of Daddy's co-workers. The kids (and adults) had such a nice time!
 Our school week:

 We are a little more than half way through our current read aloud, A Cry from Egypt. It's centered at the time of the exodus, and we are loving it!

Hurricane Isaac was making his debut this week. We kept an eye on the weather and researched hurricanes.We also watched a few weather channel videos about Isaac making landfall in the Caribbean and in the United States.

We had our first AWANA class (I'm teaching in J4's class) this Wednesday and each little one had a great time! My little bitties worked hard and knew all of their memory verses for the week! I really, really like the AWANA program.

On a personal note, our homeschool co-op had a Mom's Night Out. My sweetheart volunteered to pick the little ones up from gymnastics and watch after them while I had some grown-up time with some of the sweetest ladies you'd ever meet. It was so nice. We met at a local pizza joint. The food was sooo delicious!! There were door prizes, and I won a great one!
Another fun highlight of our week was playing Emines Roll 'N Add. It's a fabulous addition game for two players, but J4 is never excluded! I bought this game at our homeschool group's used curriculum sale for $2. Definitely a favorite resource!

  • We are working through our Native America unit study. This week we continued to study Hiawatha and the Native Americans from the northeast. We are reading lots of library books. One of our favorites is Small Wolf (I Can Read Book 3).
  • C8 began a chapter book about Gladys Aylward, These Are My People, given to us by a sweet friend a couple of months ago. She's a quarter of the way through and has decided she wants to be Gladys for Halloween. 
  • C8 has been playing the piano non-stop. She takes private piano lessons from a talented friend and really enjoys them. I love hearing her practice her assigned pieces. I love it even more when she says, "Listen to the song I've just made up, Mommy!" ~ I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but I have a great picture of her playing the piano at the resort we stayed in this past Labor Day weekend. She is just too precious.
R6, had an ear infection this week. Thankfully, he's much better, but I think swimming three days in a row for hours each day did him in.

All in all, we had a great week enjoying the sunshine when we could and schooling on our backyard picnic table as much as possible. We enjoyed watching the little hummingbirds at our feeders and learning more about sea turtles and the human body in science. The Mystery of History is working great for us and our regular language arts (BJUP) and Saxon Math lessons are working, too. For music, we are using a great music appreciation curriculum Beethoven Who? and just got a great music and movement set from Music Together to review for TOS.

I'm so thankful to God for my little family; being able to stay home with them AND teach/learn with them is priceless. I'm so grateful to my husband for all the support and encouragement he gives. This life wouldn't be possible without His and his help. I LOVE my family!!!

Another great week, with a wonderful weekend to come!


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  1. Gladys for Halloween - I just love it!!!!

    1. Isn't it sweet! She has such a tender heart! She wants to be a witness in all that she does ~ and especially on Halloween. The boys are going to be Power Rangers ;-)


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