Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jumping Back and Forth within Internal PDF Links

My first guest post is courtesy of my amazing, tech savvy husband. During a review of a PDF music appreciation course, Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music I found myself wishing there was a way to jump back and forth within internal links in a PDF. It's easy enough to jot down what page number you are on with pen and paper for reference, but in this day and age, why use a pencil when you can use a keyboard?

This is a built in function of Adobe. Users can do this in one of three ways:
Method 1
·         Click on any link in the pdf
·         Once at that page, follow these steps
o   Go to view in the adobe menu toolbar
o   Then select page navigation
o   Then select previous view - you will be taken back to the original page

Method 2 (users can use keyboard shortcuts)
·         Click on any link in the pdf
·         Users can then press their alt key + the left arrow - that will take them back to the originating link
·         Users can also go forward to the linked page (basically go back and forth) by using the alt key + the right arrow

Method 3 (users can place the shortcuts in method one to always be "on" and visible in the adobe toolbar so they don't have to use keyboard shortcuts or menus - see adobe with nav pic)
·         In Adobe, go to View
·         Then Show/Hide
·         Then Toolbar Items
·         Then Page Navigation
·         Then select "Show All Page Navigation Tools"
·         Users will now have the toolbar always open. They can use the grey arrows (underlined in red below) like reading a book - forward or back one page or to the beginning or end. The blue arrows  (underlined in blue below) can help you jump back and forth between links.


  1. Thanks! I'd always wondered about this! Yay Marty!

    1. Thanks, Mary!

      He amazes me! He solved two separate neighbors' computer problems today. One thought her whole computer files (pictures, etc.) had been erased, mistakenly of course, by her twelve year old daughter. I tell ya, it's nice to have a computer whiz in the house =)


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