Friday, September 21, 2012

First Stitches

J4 is a huge Jeff Corwin fan. He loves all creatures, especially reptilian and amphibian. Today, he was attempting to show C8 a hiding lizard on our fence. As he climbed, he lost his footing and fell, cutting his left hand between his thumb and first finger on the downspout. No tears.

just before three stitches
So, we cleaned it well with peroxide, dabbed some antibiotic cream on and stuck on a band-aid. I could tell he definitely needed stitches.

Dr. J and his staff were amazed that J4 didn't even flinch during two lidocaine shots. He stayed perfectly still and even smiled! I know this little one is one tough cookie, but even I was shocked! He didn't have to be wrapped up like a little burrito after all.

He got three stitches and is good as new. Little bit did tell me afterwards that the shots did hurt, but J4 didn't want Dr. J to know. J4 didn't want to hurt his feelings. Isn't that the sweetest.

Mr. Michael, J4's nurse, gave him a superhero band-aid while I was on the phone at the front desk trying to find out if J4 was up to date on his tetanus. Michael told me later that J4 told him that God is the biggest super hero of them all! Mr. Michael and the Doc thought that was pretty awesome, too.

We got a Chick-fil-A ice cream cone on the way home and are now watching a Jeff Corwin episode. 

Love my little guy, and I'm praying that his wound will continue to be pain-free through the healing process.



  1. Sweet Jonathan -- glad you survived this "first", Hope! Hugs!

  2. Hope that is just precious!! I am already learning the joys of homeschooling just being the first year.

  3. Awwwww.... he is so precious. He is super duper tough..... :) Tell him Nana is so proud of him for being such a big guy through all the pain..... :) Especially thinking of GOD and realizing HE is the super man!! Now, that was just so angelical.... :) Surely makes this NANA Proud!!


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