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Character Shaping and Inspiring: Heroines of the Past Bible Study

Heroines of the Past Bible Study Ebook - Click Image to CloseC8, the boys, and I have been immersed in a wonderful collection of heroine stories from the past, complied from different authors of a century or so ago.

This thirteen week, 263 page virtue study celebrates the "noble deeds of women and girls from history" and is far more than just interesting and fun stories from history. These stories and accompanying Bible study (authored by Amy Puetz) imparts moral decisions and true character building qualities into the minds and hearts of our sweet ones. This is beautifully accomplished without lecture, because they are of a real, true person's actions in their own life.

Each chapter of true short stories ends with Bible study questions and verses to look up that point out a virtue or Bible truth to study in more detail. Usually there is a paragraph or two of commentary at the end of the Bible lesson to bring to light the life lesson being exemplified.    
How we used Heroines of the Past Bible Study ebook (on our Kindle):
  • We have been inspired to dig deeper into each heroine's story we've studied thus far. It's been a wonderful history, geography and Bible lesson all wrapped into one neat package. In fact, most days we spent so much fun time exploring the history or geography surrounding the heroine(s) we were learning about, we would consider this rabbit trail our history and/or geography for the day! This is inspiration and true learning at its best!
  • Looking up the many suggested scriptures in our Bibles proves to be a very good practical exercise in locating the books and key verses in the Bible. Memorizing the key verse from each week was also a welcomed activity.
  • The author gave a wonderful suggestion to begin a memory box. The idea is to find a shoe box or something similar, decorate it with items such as fabric or pictures and place an object in the box to be used as a reminder of important truths. For example the first week we learn about Princess Edith of Scotland, from the middle ages. The main virtue we study is courage. Mrs. Putez recommends placing a glove in the memory box to remind us that "Christ is our Champion". Here is an excerpt from the Bible study portion of Week 1: The Courage of Princess Edith.
During the Middle Ages, when a girl or woman was charged with a crime, she could request a champion to fight against her accuser. If her champion was the winner, she was set free; but if her accuser was successful, she would be punished. Often, the penalty would be death. In a similar way, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Champion. We were guilty of sinning against God, but instead of seeing us punished, Jesus paid the price for our freedom.   (Location 279 of 3375 ~ Kindle version)
The vast majority of the selections are easily read aloud and understood the first time through. We did find a couple of times however, in the near turn of the century English wording,  a small portion of text would be challenging to understand - nothing we couldn't reread carefully and comprehend a second time through.  I believe this maybe one reason why it is recommended for eight year olds and up.

Age Range:
The author recommends this book to be used with eight year old girls and older. Our boys, ages 6 and 4 enjoyed the stories just as much as C8 and myself. This book is full of bravery and courageous deeds, all subjects boys love just as well as girls. So far, we've read two stories of martyrs, I did censer a word or two slightly for the youngest child. The text was fine for the six and eight year olds. I've read past where we are as a family, and there might be one more story that would be a little too mature for the younger boys. It is the story of Regina Leininger, during the colonial period in southern Pennsylvania. The lessons learned are powerful and I will find an age appropriate way to retell the tragic beginning of this story to the boys.

Final Thoughts:
I cannot speak highly enough of this study. The selections of living literature chosen by Amy Puetz and the Bible portion she's authored is heart changing. We have all been touched in a positive way from the truths conveyed in this excellent study. I have heard all the children make reference to a virtue and character we've studied in a positive way over the past few weeks. We will most certainly take our time and finish this thirteen week Bible study. I love filling our hearts and minds with what is noble and good.

Pricing at the time of this review: Heroines of the Past Bible Study ebook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB), is on sale until Sept. 1, 2012 for 21.60. Heroines of the Past Bible Study printed book is also on sale for 21.60. ~ The printed book has more than fifty illustrations.

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I received Heroines of the Past Bible Study, ebook at no cost to me, in order to complete an honest review with my children. All opinions are completely our own honest thoughts.


  1. Hi, Hope, great review. I love how you used it with your boys as well and expanded on the heroine.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Linda =) No need to leave out the boys; they enjoy great literature, too!!


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