Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week in Review - School, friends, fireworks and fun!

Our week: School, friends, fireworks and fun! 

     Monday we began our new school year. We learn year round, but typically finish our 180 mandatory days in early spring. I blogged about our first day here.

Tuesday, we finished English and math in the early morning and then a sweet third grade homeschooling friend came over to spend the day with us. Our plans for the day also included the $1 movie another homeschooling family invited us to attend and lunch afterwards with lots of homeschool friends! Once home, we read the original Puss in Boots from a free Kindle download. We then read the following books in preparation for Independence Day:

On the Fourth, we continued reading Who Was George Washington, and we watched a couple of YouTube videos:
Schoolhouse Rock: Fireworks

And Liberty's Kids: Valley Forge

We spent valuable family time together, cooked out and of course went to see our local fireworks display ~ all the while remembering those who have fought, are fighting and will be fighting for our freedom. (My father-in-law served during the Korean War and two of my brother-in-laws served multiple tours in Iraq/Afghanistan.)

   Thursday, we received Addition: Math Made Easy to review. I really wanted to try this product with R6 and I was ecstatic to have been chosen to review it with my buddy! It promises in six weeks to have the addition facts mastered! (There is also a multiplication version.) Looking through it and having completed the first lesson on Thursday, I am not disappointed.  
We explored and picked out a couple of activities to complete. This is a great resource for so many different reasons, one being spontaneous learning . We enjoyed opening it up and finding something interesting to learn about on the spot.  

 We also had fun reading through and becoming familiar with This Day in History, a division of Thomas Jefferson Education. Another great resource we were beyond thrilled to receive for review! The information is extremely interesting and FUN!
    Friday, we took our Sweet Molly Dog to her vet check up. I have stated before how much we love our vet and how wonderfully he explains and includes the kids in the check-up. Today was no exception. He allowed each little one to listen to Molly's heart murmur and (clear!) lung sounds through his stethoscope as he explained the physiology of what was happening as the blood flowed through her mitral valve.

Here's our sweet girl before going to see the doctor.

Just before finishing up a dear, and very pregnant friend text to see if we were home. We were able to time it so that soon after we arrived home, she walked up the front steps with her adorable two year old. We got to visit for almost three hours! Then headed to the pool for a play date with other very special friends!

Today is Saturday, and there will be a formal math and English lesson since we didn't get to that on Friday. We will read through Thomas Jefferson Education: TWIH and use The kids are used to learning all the time and they enjoy it.


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  1. Wow Hope... you are inspiring me! I love the way your homeschool looks for this year... so many living books and fun activities. I'm so glad we got to see you yesterday, and thanks again for your help with my kiddos!

  2. Awesome post so glad your blogging. Hope to see you guys soon.

  3. Sounds like a fun and busy week! Glad Molly is better, too!

  4. Sounds like a fun and busy week! Glad Molly is better, too!


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