Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Staycation with Family

My daddy brought my little sister and 3 1/2 year old niece to spend most of the week with us! He had meetings north of ATL all week and my sister could clear her week. So, it was the perfect opportunity for him to drop them off with us. They live in the same city.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together. Dad played in the backyard with the kids and then he had to head on north.
These little ones love him so much. And he loves them so much back!
Monday: Our staycation officially begins!

 My sister and I planned a week of fun for the little ones. We drove up to Six Flags White Water to make fun memories! We had such a fabulous time! We stayed until they closed ~ 7 pm!
J4 and my precious little niece

R6 loving the tree house slide!
C8 and P3 sliding down together!
P3, my adorable niece, is a brave little thing. The faster and higher the slide the better! C8 enjoyed taking care of P3 and treating her just like a little sister. It warmed my heart.

 We (ugh hum, the adults) were pooped from an all day water park adventure on Monday. We decided to stick close to home. We took the kids to see Ice Age: Continental Drift, to the park to play and then to get yogurt! The rest of the day was spent playing at home.

My sister and I had caught up on our rest and we were ready to go again. We got fabulous news from my dad, his Wednesday meetings were cancelled (his meetings NEVER get cancelled) and he could join us!
We decided to visit the dinosaurs at Fernbank and see The Scoop on Poop exhibit. Little P3 loves dinosaurs as much as my boys! And, it was unbelievably special to share our day with my dad, sister and niece! ~ Last summer, or was it the summer before...we took our super awesome nephew, E9, to both Fernbank museums.
This was a great introduction to anatomy and physiology, our focus in science this year!
Interesting mushrooms on our nature walk in Fernbank Forest.
We stayed for hours at Fernbank! We always learn a lot there.

Our next destination was a late lunch at a local mall, ride on the carousel and a walk through Bass Pro with a little target shooting practice for the kids. By this time, it was late in the afternoon and dad needed to head north west and we needed to head south before traffic became a nightmare. It was hard to say bye to Dad...We loved that he was able to spend the day with us!!

The kids absolutely loved the water park on Monday so we decided to go for it again! My sister and niece would be leaving around three, sniff sniff (Dad would pick them up from the park.) and we wanted to send them off with a bang...and hopefully little bit would be tired enough to take a big nap on the way home, too!
Well, first thing, before any water or any fun~this is what happened to J4.

He decided to monkey around under a table and he tripped ~ landing on his little nose. The first aid station was one room over. The sweet fellas there took good care of my little monkey. He was ready to play in no time at all! See the video below!

We said goodbye to our sweet family. To keep our minds off of their leaving, we closed the park down once more...


We schooled ALL day! ~ highlights
  • "The Eagle has landed." We learned from that the first footsteps occurred on the moon on this day in 1969. We watched the suggested videos and explored the websites listed, even printed some coloring pages!
  • R6 continued Addition: Math Made Easy and I am very pleased with his progress
  • We read lots of books~School Days with the Millers is what we are reading for our family devotion. We love all of the Miller books! We are finishing up Misty of Chincoteague. It's also a great read aloud! We are using it for a literature study on
  • C8 and I began a fabulous new TOS review ~ Heroines of the Past Bible Study
  • We used to practice our spelling list (another fun TOS review) 
  • After learning a new fact about the Blue Footed Booby at Fernbank, we decided to research him a little more.
  • We played our new anatomy/physiology game: Somebody Board Game It's a GREAT hands on learning game appropriate for all our children. 
  • Everyone finished Math and English and called it a day!

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  1. I love looking at the babies fun day. I sure do love you all.

  2. Looks like a great week and a fun staycation!

    Misty of Chincoteague is one of my girls' favorite books. We like the Millers too:)

  3. We love Fernbank also. It was scary recently with all the talk about possibly closing it due to lack of fund in budget.


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