Monday, July 2, 2012

Our new school year begins...

     I always look forward to the first few days of July. It's a time when I finish reorganizing our schoolroom for the new year and make our last major curriculum purchases. It's also a great time to do a few mini lessons using our new curriculum choices.
    I am anticipating a very fun year with the kids. We have a third grader, a first grader and a preschooler! Along with Bible, English, spelling, reading, math and PE (I'm very excited about our new PE program!) we will be studying ancient history, anatomy and physiology (The nurse in me can not wait!) along with little bit of Latin and Spanish.

   Today, we had a dry run of grammar, writing, and math for the oldest two. For J4, we played with pattern blocks, practiced our cutting skills and practiced writing our letters. We'll stick to the basics for the first couple of weeks, (It is July after all.) and then add in history and science - with the exception of nature study which continues daily.
How to Teach the Paragraph ~ A curriculum we are in the process of reviewing from Creating Better Writers. So far, we are seeing great results!
Who doesn't want to be in preschool again?! Play is your work!

Saxon Math 1 ~ the beginning includes a couple weeks of K review. R6 loves the hands on approach with Saxon. See the joy in his little face. As soon as he completed his full lesson (the above is only one activity from the lesson) he yelled, "I love school! Let's do more, Mommy!"

I know not all of our days will go this smoothly, but I sure am thankful for our first transition day being such a huge success!



  1. Hope, you're so good. I might ask you if I can look at the Saxon 3 math -- thinking about this for Grant, and would you believe I have never even seen Saxon? We are so stuck on Horizons, but I want to see what all the fuss is about with Saxon.

    You're a great homeschooling mom, and i know it's going to be a wonderful year!

  2. Absolutely! I should be able to drop it off this afternoon. I'll text ya. It is not colorful, but it works.

    And, thanks =) I know we ALL want, more than anything else, for learning to be a joy - as it should be....

    You do a fabulous job with your kids. I am so thankful you share your journey on our blog. I get so many great ideas!


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