Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dorothy, Reappearing Salt and Lots of FUN

Highlights from July 23-27th

We began a new read aloud, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I picked up the 100th birthday edition from the library which has lots of two color drawings throughout the book. All three adore this story and beg for more, which I am most always able to accommodate. One day, I read for over an hour. We began at breakfast and moved to the couch. Not one of them moved from cuddling up against me the whole time. Typically, the boys quietly move from cuddling to pulling out blocks, a coloring book or a puzzle to work on nearby ~ Not with this book, though. They've all been glued to me for the whole reading time. I wonder if it's the pictures on nearly every page? Whatever it is, I am so happy they are enjoying it so.

We visited our friends' home twice this week for chemistry co-op. (I blogged about our first class here.) We studied water molecules and tested whether salt dissolves faster in hot or cold water. We then poured a tablespoon or so of dissolved salt water into petri dishes, one labeled for hot water and the other cold water. Would the salt reappear? We checked after the water evaporated and this is what we found!

Salt crystals with x's in the middle! The hot water salt crystals were much larger than the cold.
The four children made water molecule models and then experimented with other structures. We tested the movement of water molecules in two states, solid and  liquid. We visualized the third state with the illustration of steam pouring out of the opened dishwasher door for gas. My kids look forward to chemistry class with Ms. M!!

C8 and I finished our Lit study from of Misty of Chincoteague. Pony Penning Day really does take place each year on July 27th. We were excited to find activities relating to Pony Penning Day on This Week in History from We enjoyed learning how to draw horses and reading about Marguerite Henry.

We also finished the first five Bible (and history) lessons from Heroines of the Past Bible Study. We learned about the courage of Princess Edith from medieval Scotland during the events surrounding her uncle forcefully taking the throne from her parents. A gripping story. Our principle, Daddy, shared his story of when he visited Scotland a few years ago on business and toured Edinburgh Castle. Daddy witnessed firsthand the dense fog drifting in while actually on the castle grounds! How cool is that?!

We completed our regular math and English lessons and lessons on and

We visited a new skating rink with Daddy and the kids tried out their Christmas skates on a wooden floor other than our house! No, we don't mind them skating inside. It's great exercise.

We took a vacation day this week to visit Six Flags at White Water once more. This time Daddy tagged along!

Friday, Daddy accompanied me to the Southeast Homeschool Expo to pour over the exhibit booths. We enjoyed finding many great resources together and saw quite a few homeschooling friends, too.

On a personal note for me, Friday morning my first TOS Review Crew post went live!

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  1. Wow What a great week! You know the first book my 12 year old ever read that was a 'Chapter Book" was the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She still loves it so much. Of course she also watched the movie back to back for 3 months when she was 3!!!

    The Chemistry Co-op looks awesome! And skating is always great! What a lovely week!

  2. The water molecule experiments look great! Thanks for sharing all of your resources and linking up with Favorite Resources :)

  3. You had all kinds of fun this week! Love the Wizard of Oz and all the chemistry going on at your house:)

    We read Misty of Chincoteague last year and went to Chincoteague and Assateague Island to see the wild ponies! One of our best trips ever:) I would love to go back for Pony Penning Day sometime.

  4. Lots of fun! It has been so long since we went skating, too long. Welcome to the crew and thanks for following my blog!


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