Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Helen, GA field trip!

We began last Wednesday with a family trip to Helen, Ga to tube the river with homeschooling friends. J4 and I were the last to go in the river. As we were about to step in J4 yelled, "Look, Mommy, a snake!". Ugh...I've seen more snakes these past two months than in my entire life combined. And they've all been in the water. It was a long, skinny snake, and once it swam a bit past where we were to jump in, J4 and I went for it...sorta had to because we were the last ones on the bank!
Even with a rocky start, we had so much fun ~ especially after we learned what those 'straps' were for. Their purpose was to hook our floats together! About half the river trip was spent trying to catch up with each other so that we could hook our tubes~but that was fun, too! 
R6 was our captain and what a great one he was~dodging the rocks, etc! And, once we were all chained together it was easy for me to sit back and relax. Definitely a day to remember!
 We were starving once our tubing trip was over and chose a restaurant we'd eaten at before with my dad a few years earlier. Isn't the view lovely.

After eating, we needed to kill a couple of more hours. We were planning to meet some family members on  441 and drive up to the Tennessee mountains with them. We decided to go to the Bear Park just down from the restaurant since we'd studied bears earlier in the year using  Apologia: Land Animals of the Sixth Day.

The bears were playful and seemed happy in their habitats. They had pretty big swimming pools and climbing structures. One bear in particular (bottom right) would wave his paw to us and open his mouth. It was obvious what he wanted. We give him extra apple slices. We decided bears are pretty smart creatures.

Here's a short video of one playing in the water. Turn your volume down!

And then we headed out to Highway 441, our destination a 5 day trip to the Great Smokey Mountains with 27 sweet as can be family members!


While in Tennessee, we saw a wild black bear roaming in the meadow at Cades Cove! I'll try to post about that trip in the next couple of days!!


  1. Sounds like you all had great time! I can't wait to hear about it from C :-)

    1. Make sure you ask her about the roller coaster ;-)

  2. Love reading your posts so glad you are journaling your homeschool journey now. We had a blast too that day wish we could have started down the river together.

    1. Aww... thank you, Kathy. You, Mary and Lara were my inspirations =)
      I know! I didn't realize it would take us 2 1/2 hours to drive there! But at least we did get to hang out for a little bit...btw, I listened to three of the Apologia CD's on the drive home. They are SO good! I'm going to start Seasons of a Mother's Heart this weekend...

  3. We live 15 minutes from Helen and love visiting often even if it is just for an evening walk after dinner. So glad you enjoyed the visit.


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