Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Busy Little Bee....

A few nature highlights from today....

A tiny bee gathering pollen ~ the sunflower was such a great background to observe this busy little guy. The bright yellow pollen sticking to his body and legs was easily seen ~ especially after coming inside and zooming the digital image on the computer. Our camera is a nice complement to our nature studies. It serves as a magnifying glass of sorts. The pollen grains were not visible to the naked eye. 

Here's our little guy climbing on one of the petals. We think he's cute!

Another of J4's Mammoth Sunflowers ~ now to wait until the seeds are ripe!

Our bluebirds will soon be the proud and responsible parents of four new little ones! ~ They took over the chickadee nest-box not even 24 hours after the chickadee nestlings fledged! At least we still see our little black and white friends at the feeder...

This is just funny to me: a shoe??...a shield?? Anyway, inside this little birdhouse is a mommy sparrow incubating four tiny little eggs. Apparently, she doesn't mind being on the edge of the kids fort.

And finally, C8's new little friend, Mr. Roly Poly



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