Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Post and GA Aquarium

It's been an exciting few days! I had the honor of being invited to guest post on my dear friend Mary's blog, Homegrown Learners! I blogged about how we tackle one of our favorite subjects, Nature Study. The article was published today and you can read it here. Mary is beginning a Wednesday Homeschool Guest series. I am looking forward to reading all the Homeschool Guest articles! I love hearing how others incorporate learning in their homeschool.


 We set out this morning on an oceans, rivers, swamps and colorful frogs adventure with our long time friends Lara, Mr. T and baby! We spent the whole day at the Georgia Aquaruim. We explored every nook and cranny the aquarium had to offer. Our grand finale was Dolphin Tales. We sat down front in the splash zone; my kids always hope for a good soaking. I wish we were allowed to take pictures inside the aquarium because 2 year old Mr. T (although seriously exhausted) had the biggest grin through the whole production! It was so cute.

Here is a look at our field trip in a just  few pictures.

The albino alligators (and alligators in general) are always a favorite.

The poison dart frogs have been favorites for all three children for a very long time. It's wonderful to get to see so many of them in person. There is also a display of how the Chocó Indians use blow guns to shoot poison darts for hunting game.

Touch pools are always a great learning center. The staff is very knowledgeable and eager to share with the kids and answer questions. Once we witnessed a sea urchin spawn ~ now that was cool!!

We are pretty sure this is the expecting beluga whale. You can read about her here.
Hi there, Mr. Sea Star!  It is not very often we get an underneath view of the mouth and all those tube feet!

Our little learning crew watching the dolphins swim through the hoops.

Now that the kids have each picked their favorite aquarium animals from this trip, we will be off to the library tomorrow. After our research (about two weeks) we will revisit our favorites once more at the aquarium.



  1. So glad you had a good time. We enjoyed our last visit (even though we dealt with some very rude employees). My favorite aquarium is still the TN one. So the Beluga still didn't have her baby? Hopefully next time you go she will have had it. Have fun researching your animals.

    1. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the employees last time, but glad it didn't take away from you all having a good time!
      We need to take a field trip to Chattanooga! We went once years, and years ago~so long ago that I don't remember very much! It's time to go back!
      Thanks for letting us know about the beluga whale. The staff member that is usually at their habitat wasn't there. So we didn't get to hear interesting facts about her. We would've never known she was pregnant if you hadn't shared that with us! Thank you!!!
      We want to go back before the end of May. Let me know if you guys would like to come, too. (I have one adult pass available.)


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