Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Zoo and a Surprise!

Today we traveled to the zoo for a field trip. We explored the zoo with friends we haven't seen in a while. You can visit my friend at Kathy's Cluttered Mind. We get to see this sweet family twice this week! (We will all be going to a renaissance festival! That should be interesting...)

We observed many, many animals (many more than photographed) and plants at the zoo.  We watched the feeding of the gorillas and orangutans-such a special treat!

An Australian Blue Tongued Skink

The petting zoo is always a must. Today, the pigs and freshly sheared sheep accompanied the goats.

We learned that the white dots on the back of the tiger's ears are called "eye spots". It was explained that if approached from behind, the spots may fool predators into thinking the tigers are looking at them.

Did you know that the Venus Fly Trap is native to North and South Carolina only? Their conservation status is at risk.

Pitcher Plant- also native to the US. It's diet can consist of frogs and small mammals. They are on the endangered list.

Who doesn't love the otters?!

Ryan discovered this plant excretes water when pressed lightly!

Just before the gorilla feeding. There are two babies. This mother is nicknamed the 'helicopter' mom. She will not let her little one out of arm (or toes) reach-literally.

This mom has the youngest baby and will let it explore some on it's own.

So sweet! We enjoyed the gorillas so much. Our friends told us about Disney's Chimpanzee movie that is out right now, and how much they enjoyed it.....hummm....

"Helicopter Mom"


The king of the jungle resting so peacefully his tongue is hanging out!

My little monkey...or bat.. =)

Two sweet friends

More sweet friends

After several hours at the zoo, we went home to say a quick goodbye and get a hug from Daddy. He had an awards dinner in the city. 
We decided to head back out again, after Daddy left, to grab supper AND a movie! We went to see Chimpanzee. We were the only ones in the theater, which was great, because there was A LOT to be discussed. All in all a good educational experience.
 Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice treat at the mix, a new little yogurt shop-another first for us. 
Now, I'm tired and ready for bed. We have another huge day of learning tomorrow.....



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