Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Renaissance Festival

What an exceptionally fun and educational day spent at our first Georgia Renaissance Festival! Here are a few highlights of our day in pictures.

In our first performance, Shakespeare's Greatest Hits, the actors used comedy and audience participation to introduce plays such as Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet,  and Julius Caesar to name a few.

Here we learned about Language and Mannerisms. For example, one would not say "Good Morning". Morning was known only as mourning. The lady in the picture is showing a lady mourning and asked if she did a good job mourning... instead "Good Morrow" was used.  We learned that the calf was the impressive part of a male's body and the men did quite a lot to show off the revered calf muscle. For ladies, the wrist was most impressive. We learned about the French Kiss, and how ladies greeted one another by touching each other on the shoulders and kissing the air on both sides of the cheeks three times. We learned many more interesting facts on renaissance manners and language during this performance.

Conversation with DaVinci was excellent! We learned secrets of The Last Supper, his ideas about the Vitruvian Man, and facts about Mona Lisa~a very, very good presentation.

We enjoyed The Six Wives of Henry VIII from afar.  A few minutes before the show, we met the 'Jane Seymour' (in off white) while I was sitting on the ground holding a very distraught J4. He had lost a very dear stick he had found on the ground earlier in the day. We had retraced our most recent steps and no stick. Sweet Jane came over to comfort him and offered him a stick she found in a nearby flower bed. J4 smiled and thanked her through his tears. She then invited us to the performance that was about to begin. J4 was still not quite ready to be in a crowd, so we found the perfect spot to view the show AND fill our tummies with an afternoon tea party at The Peacock Tea Room. We enjoyed a Berry Blend Strawberry Moon Tea, Fresh Fruit, Tea Sandwiches and Ambrosia Devon Style Trifle with Vanilla Bean Custard and Strawberries...delightful.

Who doesn't love a free petting zoo?!

example of one of the many merchant cottages

example of one of the many 'man powered' rides. Rather funny because it was explained that there were NO (man powered or not) carnival-ish rides back in that period.

My three knights just before leaving the festival. They are busy, as I am typing,  painting their daggers and shields....
The kids are interested in learning more about DaVinci, Henry VIII and his wives, manners, and Shakespeare, knights, etc... ~ along with apes, tigers and carnivorous plants from our field trip yesterday.  Google, Netflix and library here we come....and to think, we completed our 180 day school year requirement weeks ago...

~ Hope


  1. I'm a new follower of your blog and can't wait to read more. We've always wanted to go to a Renaissance Festival but there isn't one nearby. This one looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing...we will live vicariously through you on this one I guess...ha!

  2. Thanks for the follow, Gretta! It was quite an interesting day, that's for sure! Apparently this Renaissance Festival has been around for over 25 years--unbelievable! It lasts for almost 3 months! If you are ever in the ATL area, the festival is a nice side trip.

  3. That looks so cool! I wish I had known about that.

  4. It's still going on K! They run different deals on the weekends. For example, this past weekend was buy an adult ticket and a child is admitted free. ~ I'll try to remember to let you know about the school day next year. You can order your tickets without being a part of a group!


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