Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our New Bookshelves!

I am truly thankful for my husband! We needed new bookshelves for the schoolroom. My handy dandy sweetie got to work and pieced together a wonderful wooden picture-book shelf. It replaced our forward facing rain gutter shelves of nearly four years (Jim Trelease style). We might get around to painting them white one of these days...

I am tremendously happy with my sweetie's handy-work. Although tempted, I cannot overfill the shelf by stacking books in front of one another. This wooden shelf is purposefully made to accommodate one book and a cassette tape in depth. The idea is to change out the top shelf books every couple of weeks. I'm planning to keep the books with a tape or CD out much longer. I'm hoping they will get a lot of use from my new reader and pre-reader now that they are easily accessible. ~ I am still on the lookout for a couple of magazine racks to hang on the wall just to the left.

 Here is our before photo of our rain gutter bookshelves. I love them, but one can see how easy it would be to overfill.

The next picture is our schoolroom closet area. My sweet hubby put the wire shelving in last summer.  I would be lost without the wire shelves and organizing drawers! We found those at Wal-Mart and Target. I keep our crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, tape, a  magnet set, and other craft supplies organized in the plastic drawers.

Here is another organizational home run Hubby and the children put together last week. Before this large bookcase, books could be found all over the house - some in smaller bookcases and others in random piles. Books are still a little scattered, but this IKEA Expedit shelving unit has helped tremendously! Books are arranged by subject, type and reading level. (I have Lego, wooden blocks, and toy animals in the rattan baskets, also from IKEA, to keep little hands busy during read aloud time.)   I am so happy with our efforts to organize.
(not in the schoolroom, but nearby)


Here's a little collage to show what the hubby used to make the shelves in case you're interested. If you want more details just shoot me an email or leave a comment...


  1. Great!!! I love all of it. The Expedits are great, too.

    You are inspiring me!

    1. Thanks, Mary. I got the Expedits idea from you! ~ So you are the one that inspired me =)

  2. In our temporary small living space the IKEA Expedit is our main storage area for homeschool materials! But ours is white! Loved seeing yours.

    1. Thanks, Christine. Aren't they great for organizing!
      We had the hardest time deciding on a color! I love the white, too.

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