Saturday, March 10, 2012

Witnessing a Miracle

 Thursday afternoon we witnessed a beautiful miracle. As we were traveling through rural Montgomery, Al we passed a horse ranch. We saw a horse lying down in the pasture a good 100 feet away. I noticed she was giving birth at that very moment! We turned around, parked on the side of the road and walked quietly to the edge of the fence. The little foal wasn't fully born! Big Girl, Big Boy, Littlest, Mommy and Daddy were in awe. We were determined to stay until Little One took those first steps!

 We watched Little One stretch and move to break away from the amnion (birth sac). To free himself completely took a good twenty minutes. At this point the ranch hand made his way out to the mare and her foal. Thankfully, the rancher was a kind man. After another ten minutes, he called over to us, remember we are at the edge of the fence quietly watching. He asked if we could get the kids over the fence! I can tell you right now, there was no way a little barbed wire was going to stand in our way! Daddy managed to get our three over and then we all made our way over to the next fence which was only 20 feet from mommy and colt! Yes, Little One was a baby boy!
   The rancher told us the mare had been in labor for about two hours and that it is extremely rare for a birth to take place during the day. Daddy and I kept thinking what a miracle for us to happen upon a miracle at just the right time. Truly a wonderful gift to us from God.
 It took Little Colt about an hour from the time we witnessed his birth until he stood up on his long, skinny little legs and made those first wobbly steps. (We were sure to remind our children no matter how badly they wanted too,  not to clap or yell out for joy at the big accomplishment.) 

   We all grew so fond of mama and Little Colt. He would look over to us so sweetly.
   After we said our goodbys to our new ranch friend and began to walk away, Little Colt looked straight at us and whinnied for the first time! Our hearts leapt for joy and also sank a little, too. It seemed Little Colt didn't want us to leave and we didn't want to leave him either...

 As we looked back (half way to our car, now) we could see mama and baby walking up and over the the hill in the back ground...
   What an unbelievable experience for our family...such sweet, sweet memories...



  1. Wow such an awesome miracle to witness. How awesome that the ranch hand was so kind too. I know your little girl was so thrilled to be witnessing that. Thanks for sharing see why you need to blog more.

  2. Thanks, Kathy!! It was one of the most AMAZING experiences ever! All of us will be forever grateful to the ranch hand. In fact, we are going to send a thank you card this week...


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