Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Week's Highlights in Collage

In our life this week we had lots to celebrate.  Sunday, Big Guy (R6) turned SIX and Daddy and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! On Tuesday, Littlest (J4) celebrated his FOURTH birthday and our little Boston Terrier puppy turned one. So lots going on in just two days.

1.We gave R6 an opportunity to choose anywhere he wanted to spend his birthday afternoon (within an hour drive). He chose Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA! It's always so much fun to hand feed the animals in the drive through zoo from the rental zebra van! The walking zoo is great, too. They have lots of animals normally not seen in the ATL zoo. For example, they have hyenas, ligers, black bears and coyotes off the top of my head.

2.For his birthday, R6 wanted an electric guitar. Daddy plays and he LOVES to watch and listen. Daddy is a gifted guitarist, that's for sure. R6 can't wait to begin lessons with Daddy! So, we have a pianist, a guitarist and in a moment I'll let you in on what Littlest (J4) is into...

3. Littlest (J4) wanted an ice cream cake with sprinkles for his birthday. He hardly had the patience to wait for his present. He chose a ukelele! It's so much fun watching (and listening) to R6, J4, and Big Girl (C8) play their instruments together!

4. J4 chose to go fishing for his birthday, which just happened to be the first day of spring! I bought a fishing license that morning and off to the pond we went (except Daddy) he couldn't make the trip. So, I must get some kind of Mother of the Year award for taking our three little ones all by myself, stringing up their fishing poles and baiting their hooks and getting the fish off the hook! R6 became pretty good at baiting before our 3 1/2 hour trip was over!

1. Spent a drizzly afternoon at the creek. It was so nice to see all the pollen washed away-at least for now. Daddy pointed out the level of the water had decreased and asked the little ones to figure out how he could tell. The answer is because the pollen lines around the creek rocks were about 3 inches higher than the water level all the way around the rocks! Pretty cool problem solving for little ones.

2. In our Nature Detectives class at co-op this week we had a botany lesson. You can read about it here.

3. A fun project we put together today! We are (hopefully) going to have a Morning Glory Teepee Hideaway! You can read about it here.

Character Highlights: C8 received an award at co-op this week, her second, for being a good helper to her teachers. She has the biggest heart. She is my easy child. R6 has been so thoughtful about opening the car door for me and tonight, he opened the door for his daddy. Earlier today, he served Daddy his lunch and checked on him twice to make sure he had everything he needed. J4 is having a few more tantrums than normal....ugh. Usually, he's my second easiest child.... R6 and J4 are taking turns being the instigators of aggravation to each other and to their sister. Still working on that...I'm sure it will last until their twenties...

A few favorite resources used this week: We are still loving Time 4 Learning (instead of using our regular resources, we competed science, math, social studies and L.A. using T4L each day) We love Saxon Math. We continued using it and will be finishing up very soon. We also had fun using Reading Eggs.  We found a 'new to us' app TeachMe: Kindergarten and TeachMe:2nd Grade which have been wonderful this week. At co-op C8 has a science experiments class and sign language class. R6 has our Nature Detectives class and D is for Dinosaur. J4 has a pre-K class.  We are a little sad that next week ends co-op for the school year...Our 'big' read aloud is  Incident at Hawk's Hill. We are only on the third chapter but, so far, it's a fabulous, richly worded story based on what's supposed to be a true story. I'll need to post more in depth as we get further into it!

I nearly forgot to add our Bible resource from this week. It's a hidden gem we've all enjoyed. The vocabulary is rich and the lessons are so good and practical.They are based on the KJV of Proverbs. The name is Wisdom with the Miller's. There are many wonderful books in this series.

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from Collage Friday. :) Sounds fun and busy to have three special celebrations in one week. We had a birthday this week too! My 2nd child (oldest boy) turns 5 today but we had a party with his friends yesterday. We also started using the Teach Me apps this week. All three of my kids that are using them seem to like them a lot.

    1. Busy week for your family, too! Happy Birthday to your 5 year old =) The four year old is the only one of our three without a TeachMe app. I am thinking I'll go ahead and download the Toddler version for him! The other two love them so much! My three are 8-girl, 6-boy and 4-boy.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Hope! We celebrated both of our boys' birthdays last Saturday. They are two weeks apart, but we had a combined birthday party this year :) I'll have to check out those Teach Me apps- thanks for mentioning them.

    1. Lots of March birthdays =) Our boys 'should've' been nearly three weeks apart. One was 11 days late the other 1 week early! Instead, two days. Makes for a very fun and busy couple days. God ALWAYS knows what He's doing. =) If you decide to use them, let me know what you think about the TeachMe apps!

  3. The collages look like fun. I need to try that! I looks like you had a great week. Just stopping by from THMJ.

    1. Collage Friday is great! Mary is a sweet friend, too, with lots of great ideas. I'll be on the lookout for you =) Thank you for stopping by!


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